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Gem shop sales

Money spenders on this forum, what do you pay for?

Devs, obviously you can see how many people buy what, but not necessarily why, or why not. Thought I would share my thought process. I am curious about others too. I realize I do not represent all spenders blahblahblah, just curious.

I buy the gem subscription and anything with gems if they’re at a similar or better price per gem. This happens with some holiday offers, but that is it. Looking at the gem sub, that gives me 40 gems per buck. (rounding in the game’s favor, and this number differs by currency) So, I only buy gems at that price.

Looking at the gem shop today, there is a 50% sale. That plus my VIP bonus plus first time bonus gives only 35 gems a buck. Ouch. If it was also 40 gems a buck though, my goodness, I would be so poor. I would legit buy all the gem packs.


The gems sales are some of the worst in the game. Even flash offers are 250 gems per $5. Gem sales in the shop don’t even come close to that even with 50% off and the highest vip…

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I am guessing that 250 gems a buck is not in CAD because I have never seen that. I hope I am wrong!

Interestingly, at max VIP with the first time purchase boost, the gem shop is now the same price per gem as the gem sub. Doubt anyone is getting to max VIP and still having that first time purchase bonus though.

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Sorry. I meant 5 dollars.

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Gems at 2 cents each is typically the best you’ll get in the game. The 50% sales (likely the one running now) is not even close to that. It’s not worth it.

The best offer you’ll see one that has gems + vault keys. This one gives you the chance to lower the net cost of gems.

Another decent deal is 1,800 gems + Orb of Power or Nysha Medal for $50. That values everything pretty well. That makes the OoP or NM $14, if the gems are 2 cents each. For the time investment to obtain either; that’s not too shabby.

Now that OoP is available in the “shrine” - it’s value may have dropped a little. But not much. You need 16 of them currently.


I rarely buy gems for the sake of buying gems. I have bought:

  • lapina avatar (because :rabbit: )
  • Deathknight Armor (most bang for your $ imo if you’re planning to stick around long term)
  • Queen Mab offer the week it was released (that was ~65 CAD I think, it was back when I still needed a good team to farm PvP with)
  • weapon offers (for old weapons available for $ only)
  • misc flash offers that were gems + something useful (eg. vault offers) and not overly expensive, especially if I knew a big gem purchase was coming up (eg. new faction was coming soon and I need more gems for T7s)
  • Ring of Wonder a few times, but not since campaigns were added
  • Elite passes for all campaigns (Elite+ on the first one, to try it out)
  • one shrine offer (got two orbs of clans, won’t be doing that again)
  • one orb of power (I don’t remember if it came with gems, it was the last one I needed to get my Zuul)

Looks like I’ve bought most of the gem packs at least once in the past, except for the Stack of Gems (cheapest) and The Motherlode (the big one). I remember buying the Chest of Gems - it was an “I need this right now” purchase on a new cosmetic pet Saturday, I don’t know when/why I bought the other two, but I imagine it was for similar reasons (eg. I need one more sigil to finish the faction and I need it NOW).

Overall, I don’t pay too much attention to $/gem, it’s more of a “how much do I need this right now / how much am I willing to spend / how much have I spent on games recently”. The bigger the purchase, the more thought I’ll give it. So you can easily get me to spend $30/month with 10 $3 purchases, but buying one thing for $30? A lot less likely. I can’t imagine myself ever buying The Motherlode for example.

Care to guess at my VIP level? :sweat_smile:

VIP :keycap_ten:

Quite close to the next level too. Might have to take a closer look at my spending habits :see_no_evil:


I have never bought a gem sale. Just no. Haha. I usually spend a little on the holiday calendars. I wish they would show us the entire calendar on those. I’m really good at sticking to my gaming budget. If they showed the whole calendar, I might pass on the $x offer and wait for the $2x offer, instead of grabbing the $x offer and having to say no to the 2x because it takes me out of my budget. There have even been times when I passed on the $x offer so I could get the $2x offer, only to not want that one and buy nothing. Just show us the entire holiday offer calendar. This probably won’t happen because they probably get more from folks that don’t have a game budget or aren’t good at keeping to it, than they lose from me. :woman_facepalming::joy:

Other than holidays I have spent on the campaign.