Power Corrupts!

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New Invasion Troop: Ahrimas

Ahrimas will be available in the Invasion Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

New Rare Troop: Corrupt Magus

The Corrupt Magus will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

New Weapon: Grasping Grimoire


This week it will be available in both the Invasion shop, and in the Soulforge.

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Yay, finally Power 10 for the peasants (like me) that don’t have Zuul’Goth crafted yet.

That sweet, sweet magic point. :slight_smile:


Calling it now: I will receive a major orb of ascension and two minors this week, which is enough to let me craft Zuul’Goth…now that I no longer need him for the extra kingdom power level.


Zuul is a really good troop, one of he best of the mythics.


Also, just as a reminder as I believe this was the first time it has been used specifically in a spell description, eliminate = stat reduction. They just want to give everything 2 names for some reason. XD

I don’t like the wording of eliminate. “Eliminate 22 from skill points” sounds like it’s missing a unit. Maybe “Eliminate 22 points from skills” would make more sense, but we’re also bordering on, “Why not use subtract?” etc.


Power corrupts…

… And Absolute Power is kinda neat…! :smiley:

I just look forward to Corrupt Magus taking 44 life (assuming base skill), killing a troop and everyone reporting it as a bug and then waiting 90 days to have it be changed to 2 seperate skills.

PS… When you release 2 troops the same week that do 90% the same thing on a cast. It truly makes you look like you’ve ran out of ideas. And it makes the Invasion troop even more worthless outside of Invasions.


These value are kinda high. Power creep i guess.

Only two? Not sure it ends at two…

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The invasion troop is just Magic + 4, and the rare troop is Magic + 1. The only thing power creep about it is the troops hitting 2 skills.

Wait did the 4.5 patch fix that Rare Glory cost thing?

Isn’t it have been the situation with weapon for almost a year? All the “create 6 gems “ weapon really tick me off

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The 6 valuable Doom Weapons and a few Delve Weapons have made me completely oblivious to the weekly carbon copies we see.
With weapons I can understand how it’s difficult to try and maintain balance and originality. With troops… Where the sky is literally the limit… It just looks lazy.

As far as numbers are concerned, the pics in these announcement threads are taken with “current” stats, meaning they’re going to appear higher than this time last year since we’ve gotten higher stats since this time last year. Not that there is no powercreep, but the appearance of it can be attributed partly to that.

I forget whether they snapshot numbers that have weekly boosts factored in or not but I know that happened at some point. Whichever it is, its been consistent.

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… Aaand from what I can see, Ahrimas is another Red Charlotte, in the sense that he’s the first and only single-type Mystic in the game. :confused:


Exactly about Red Charlotte. “Mystic” and “Rogue” used to be some “extra” “races”, additions to main races (Human, Elf, Raksha etc.), but now we have 2 troops without these main races.


The reduce skills with X mechanic can be pretty interesting, if it targets magic stat too…

It does, and is ages we got Azura that’s lot better of both those troops too.

A supereasy invasion with nothing useful (harpy mage, queen, queen, Trickster shoot this week with good peace of all the new stuff).

I’ve always wished they would post the actual damage formula instead of numbers since player progression has a huge impact on final stats. It’s really hard to compare troops relatively or understand what troops might be secretly good for newer players when you can’t figure out what another player’s value might be easily.