Possible future request Unused Event Currency

Please allow us to roll over any unused event currency, for the following week.
Please, and thanks

Event currency isn’t used or spent, it’s just a milestone. So rolling it over to the next week would mean you could just collect all the rewards straight away without having to do the event.


Yeah i don’t think this is a good idea, it would kind of defeat the whole point of events. However an ongoing reward structure after reaching the maximum event stones would be great. Some very minor reward for every 10 or 20 or so stones above the events maximum would eliminate the feeling of racking up useless snotstones.


It shouldn’t roll-over, it’s a limited event, just like the PvP tier thing (to reach rank 1 each week). As @Ozball mentions, carrying it over would mean people wouldn’t need to play the event. Rather, you’d “bank” a bunch of event gems during easy weeks and skip hard ones (like this Naga explore). Also, the “cost” of the rewards changes each week based on the requirements/difficulty, so it wouldn’t really carry over well.

Why would you still be farming event gems after you finish the event? If you don’t want that feeling of uselessness then stop, since you’re done. You are already rewarded for playing PvP (gold/glory) or Explore (extra traitstones). The event gems are a limited bonus, so once you complete it you’ve completed it. There doesn’t need to be extra rewards on top of bonus rewards.

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Cause you happen to do whatever the event is anyway obviously. Or you take the event as an extra motivation to do explores cause you actually need those traitstones but can’t motivate yourself to do otherwise since explore reward rng is about the dumbest thing in the game, tons of possible reasons really.
The constant moaning about event requirements already led to the number of snotstones needed to finish the events to be ridiculously low and snotstones Events are generally done at day 1 or 2 without pushing for it, so no harm in some extra very minor rewards for additional snotstones.
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