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Poll: Leave Or Remain

Some of you watching current affairs from overseas may have noticed that a vote of huge historical and cultural significance is about to take place…

…that’s right… the peoples of the island nation of Broken Spire will vote on whether to leave from, or remain in, the Krystaran Union… and it’s really got the Ogre tribes riled up with rival views…

…economists from both sides are weighing up the cost of tributes versus the greater boundaries to invading and pillaging neighbouring shores… Leave-campaigning Libertariogs speak of freedom from Adanan bureaucracy, controls over their borders to stop cheap Goblins coming in and taking their jobs… Sensible Conservogres argue for stability and access to cheap sacrifices, discounted Dwarven ales, and easier escape from digestion by volcanic wyrms…

So what do you guys, think - do you have a view on the Broxit debate?

  • Leave! Ogres better off alone!
  • Remain! Ogres better together!
  • Ug, er, Ogre no understand…
  • I ate my polling card, and the Goblin ambassador…

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Sly way of discussing international affairs.

The idea of uniting the Ogre tribes is good, but I think the Ogres are starting to regret the sacrifice of some of their individuality

Ogre no understand… Can anyone explain in simple English what this is all about? Does it have to do with real word politics or something?

Ogres better together!

If you don’t like the rules all your friends are following, simply quitting their tribe doesn’t remove the burden of following their rules. (Since you still need to trade & engage with them.) So quitting the tribe just makes you a mean ogre, and doesn’t in any way give you more self-determination, or freedom from regulation.

Living a solitary life might seem like a very ogre thing to do, but those hermits are always losing their ruby eyes to sinbad.

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What I am wondering is if the ogres who want to vote “leave” really want to leave or just want to put some pressure on the Krystaran Union to obtain a different status?

broken spire needs to reclaim its empire,time for the 2nd krystarian crusades if you ask me! :smile:

Luther suggested a line of Fortress Gates along the border, but I’m not sure those are effective at stopping much of anything.

man the pitchforks,defend the castle! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Some more shenanigans about Ireland… I think.

And UK too, apparently.

I don’t even understand the “leave” side. I’m admittedly American, and so not the most knowledgeable about international and Ogre affairs, but it seems like a no-brainer to me as I understand it.

With how many people voted that they “ate the polling card, and the goblin ambassador,” I think a more serious problem of running out of goblin ambassadors is at hand…


We shared the ambassadors among ourselves.

It’s only a UK vote.

Republic of Ireland are not involved.

It will be interesting to see how they got on if they do leave.

Edit: What other shenanigans are going on in Ireland that I missed?

I no longer live in the UK as I have been in the Philippines the lst 3 years but I so hope my fellow Brits vote to leave not for many of the reasons that have been so heavily hammered. While immigration and economics have been done to death the real choice of being able to control our own destiny is the main one in my eyes. Many of the problems we face we are not able to solve as the EU does not let us. So please fellow Brits vote for your country to yours again.

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For anyone looking for a basic grounding in the situation I recommend watching John Oliver’s segment on the Brexit. I do suggest that if you really want to know more, that you look into both sides of the debate. But John Oliver’s video does provide a good grounding in the more common reasons for the vote.

I mean… Ogers should know many things, and always look at both sides of Ogre issues… puny Goblins know nothing! Ogers still better together though.


Ok am I missing something or is the guy in the video truely an &^%£$% … nope I think I got it right. 0 common sense and no real idea what he is talking about other than cheap comedy shots. In his joke about the 350 million and the bus because it does not fit with his theme fails to mention that the money we get back from the EU they dictate how we spend it.

If you have a real serious interest in this then watch Brexit The Movie

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Ogres better off alone.

Ogres always made a fuss when the Krystaran Union proposed new rules to unify this kingdom.
In fact, ogres want to stay in the Krystaran Union as a special guest, always asking for special advantages, always saying that they will leave if they don’t have it. For example, ogres kept their own currency.
So okay, if ogres don’t want to fully belong to the Krystaran Union, it will better for them and for the KU to leave.

Let Brunhild continue to run all the ogre tribes!

Brexit the movie is a project funded with the singular dedicated purpose of convincing people to support Britain leaving the EU.
You may not like John Olivers segment about the Brexit and see it as an uninformed comedy bit, but the Brexit movie is the most biased misinforming piece of media ever created on that subject.
So if anyone has a real interest in the matter they are better off looking into more neutral sources of information than this piece of propaganda.^^


Is it…no idea never watched it. I formed my opinion from common sense. When you have a political party promising in its manifesto to reduce immigration numbers to the 10’s of thousands then you know they are either corrupt or just plain stupid as being a member of the EU means you have no rights to say who comes or goes and the only people you can really stop coming are the ones you most likely want. Still as I say I have left the UK and am glad I did so. I really hope that today we get it right but if we don’t I guess a few years from now when the collapse of Greece and Italy and whoever else must fall to create a federal Europe I can take shallow pleasure from saying…I told ya so lol :slight_smile: