Poll: GoW Wiki - How to Sort the Troop List

So in the next few days I’m planning to reprogram the sorting on the main Troops table on the GoW wiki.

It currently sorts by Primary Colour OR Secondary Colour, in alphabetical order by colour name. I’m going to make it sort by both colours at once, which will be much more useful.

Now which colour is primary and which is secondary is important, because they determine which traitstones a Troop needs. However, for sorting, I think the best choice is to sort both together (i.e. group Red/Yellow Troops with Yellow/Red Troops).

I also prefer to sort the colours in Gems of War mana order, which is Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Brown. You can see this order on the Hero Collection page in-game and it’s also the order in which mana is credited to Troops when multiple matches happen at once.

But I am just one player/wiki editor, so here’s some polls to see what the consensus might be.

Primary/secondary sorting

  • Sort both primary/secondary mixes together (Red/Yellow with Yellow/Red)
  • Sort by primary then secondary (Blue/Green then Blue/Red then Blue/Yellow etc. followed by Green/Blue, Green/Red…)

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Colour sort order

  • Sort colours in alphabetical order (Blue, Brown, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow)
  • Sort colours in GoW order (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Brown)
  • Sort colours in “rainbow” order (Red, Brown, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple)
  • Some other order (comment/discuss below)

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I literally have been trying to find this information since i started playing!

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Thanks for everyone’s feedback. With a lot of implementation help from the inimitable @MrSammy, the Troops list now sorts by paired mana (for seeing how many Troops need the same Arcane Traitstones) in GoW order.

Check it out here: http://gems-of-war.wikia.com/wiki/Troops#Troops_List


Very nice, I like.