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Specific Mana collection question

So, in what order is mana collected on a simultaneous match (switching a gem that makes 2 match)

2 troops remain.
Top one is red/green , 9/12 filled
Bottom one is green/blue, 9/12 filled

You switch a green with a red, doing a double match for 3 green and 3 red.
So, either red fills the first troop, and then the green fills the other, OR, green fills the first, red is unused and the bottom troop gets nothing…

Which is it?


Great question! I have often wondered this but never had the creativity or patience to figure out how to test it.

Sirrian posted the order “a long time ago” (I would say at least a year) but not sure where it was or how to search for it - my searches didn’t turn anything up; being able to search on both words “mana collection” or three words “order mana collection” might help but I can’t see how to make that work in the Advanced Search options.

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I remember the said post.
There is supposed to be an order of mana color that gets processed in case of simultaneous matches.
I just don’t remember the order

First, the colour of the gem you moved, then the other colour…


And if two get made simultaneously on a cascade?

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You can limit your search to Sirrian’s post’s only by either opening his profile, then clicking “activity” to see all of his posts, then searching,
or by entering “user:sirrian” in the search box along with your other terms.

I tried those searches but didn’t come up with anything relevant and it doesn’t look like you can download another user’s posts the way that you can with your own.

Ha! That actually helped, I did “mana order user:sirrian” and this came up (it was from Oct 2015)


Wow, good find. So it is actually just an arbitrary order based on color.

I can’t see this ever affecting any of my decisions, but it is interesting to know how they approach things like this…

It could affect on guild war days where many troops share a color, and thus you might switch around 2 troops to get more from explosion drops, for exemple.

So say, Green Day.
Your team has a Krystenax.
Knowing that, in a tie, he’ll absorb Blue over green and leave green for the next troop if filled, might make you place him higher on the team.

Or not :stuck_out_tongue: