Mana precedence in a single swap dual gem color matches


When you swap two gems and there are 2 matches of 2 different colors, which mana do you get first?
Is it the gem that you moved or the other one? or there is an order for the color (hardcoded)?



No one? What about the devs? This seems to be pretty relevant and no one asked before?



I don’t really see how that’s relevant since you get both colours anyway. I’d guess that’s why no one asked or answered. I’m sorry I don’t know the answer for you.



@Archenassa I am surprised by this answer, Not sure how long you’ve been playing. i’ve only played for 1 month and have encounter at least 3 times that i need to know this.

Luther Brown and Blue (need ONLY 3 more mana)
Sacred Guardian Brown and Yellow

Matches would give you blue and brown. So you want blue first to fill up Luther and then have brown fill Sacred Guardian. You don’t want brown to fill Luther and then blue getting wasted, don’t you?



The order is:
Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Brown

It’s not relevant except in a few unusual cases…

Suppose I match Brown & Red simultaneously, and I have Sheggra (red/brown) & a Wyrm (brown)
If Sheggra is almost full, she gets the red points first, leaving the brown to apply to the wyrm
If Brown applied before Red, then Sheggra would get the brown, leaving red, which is useless to the wyrm!


Specific Mana collection question

I’ve been playing since the Steam release, so that’d be about a year. And this is mostly irrelevant, it’s very rare you need to have that info, since you usually try to have balanced line-ups. In Sirrian example, that would mean having your Wyrm almost useless since he wouldn’t fill up until after Sheggra filled up already, so basically never. And as I said, I guess that’s why no one answered before.



Actually I can see why this question might be relevant. Perhaps @Sirrian’s example should rather have been something like Sheggra (red/brown) and Lady Sapphira (brown/yellow), say. In that case, you’d want Sheggra to take the red mana and Sapphira to take the brown mana. If brown were instead supplied to a troop first, then Sheggra would take it, leaving red as useless mana for Sapphira.

I actually run across this occasionally, as my current invade team all use dual mana spells. Therefore, there are a couple of colors that overlap from troop to troop. Knowing how the game distributes mana can be helpful when deciding the next move, or even troop placement in the lineup.



Not sure why you’re refering to @Sirrian example and not mine as his is obviously a bad one. I’m pretty sure that you have 2 units with the same color mana, if not then i’ve nothing else to say…

I myself always like to know for any games all their mechanisms, maybe not everyone, for me that’s a pretty relevant info. If anyone just like to play the game for fun without worrying about everything then fine, it’s their choice.



I’m sorry if I cam across as mean or anything, I typed my comment inbetween two things and re-reading it, it doesn’t sound nice, so I want to apologize for my tone. I still think there’s no much relevance to it, but I get your point and I’m happy you got your answer. :grin:



You’re right @Zennon you had a similar example first.



Hey @Zennon, I would have actually used your example, since it is indeed a better one… but I think we were typing our responses at the same time



That’s useful to know, thanks!
Now to rely on good old Mnemonics to burn this into my brain.
Let’s see… how about:

Blue Goblin Ransacks Yellow Paper Bag!

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I had always assumed that the game just selected the mana to distribute it optimally. That there is a fixed order for these situations is news to me, and kind of disappointing.