Having everything in your collection alphatetized

It may seem petty, but I would like to have everything alphabetized in your collection. I like how all of the stones are broken down and how it is set up categorically, but if they were alphabetized it would be faster to see how many you have on a certain item. I may just be ocd…

thanks as always

It is alphabetically atleast on console top right corner shows letter when scrolling troops. You can also sort by inverse alphabetically

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yes the troops are, and there is great ways to search them on pc now, (I really like that you can search them by original base rarity) but when you are looking at your stones they are not alphabetical by type and I guess it just bugs me

Stones in your collection are in GoW mana colour order which is: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Brown.

Once you get used to that order, it’s easy to find the stone you’re looking for.

I think alphabetical would make them harder to find as you’d have to remember all the Arcane traitstone names. I’ve been playing for almost 2 years and I still don’t remember those right all the time.


i second this

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