Poll: Epic Trials (v2)

Hey folks,

Just a bit of fun research amongst us forum-goers, but it may be interesting to see the results…
[with apologies to those who answered the first version]

Epic Trials…

  • 1 … already made me quit
  • 2 … are making me think to quit
  • 3 … Epic Trials? I can’t even complete ‘normal’ trials
  • 4 … are too time-consuming (but I do them)
  • 5 … are too time-consuming (I don’t do them)
  • 6 … are just ignored
  • 7 … are tolerated for the first pet (it’s soooo Starry) which is Orbed to mythic
  • 8 … are disliked, but they need to be completed
  • 9 … are a challenge worthy of my full attention. Bring. It. On.

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If you’re running a GaP to complete them now then please answer as if you had run out of Verses.


Again. “Nobody wanted/needed this.”


I hear you, and accept that, but now that they are here, do you fall into any of the above?

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Would be a bit more tolerable if we can use our Hero, even if it had to be locked into the Kingdom’s Class ie. Suncrest-Stormcaller, Shengtang-Monk, Adana-Mechanist etc.


I’m somewhere in this mix, so not sure where to put my vote – but think I will generally fall into one of these depending on the week:

This week for Pan’s Vale, I tolerated for the first pet (option 7), but am probably not going to orb to Mythic at this stage (not a resource I have enough of). Beyond the first Epic, couldn’t be bothered / too time-consuming (option 5), so just ignored them for the rest of the week.

I found Khetar to be annoying initially, and then mildly interesting, and then boring. I’d probably chuck it in option 8 (maybe 4) – disliked, but decided to get the available pets and see if it was doable.

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Most people I come across don’t even try, it’s too hard that’s it

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I picked “are making me think to quit”. I hate them with a passion, but do them because while I will quit if the game continues along this route, currently I’d rather be qualified to talk about them in the possibly delusional hope they will fix them.

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Bring. It. On.


You’re the only one I know like that

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I voted 5, but I did actually do the Adana one since some of my guildies told me it was doable. I’m basically only going to do the easier ones my guildmates scout out first. >_>

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Yeah, well I know handful of people who are ready for a challenge. I understand we are the minority though.

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