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Poll ALL PLATFORMS - Increasing the cost of starting a Guild

  • Raise the price
  • Keep it the same

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As of right now there are over 30,000 guilds on Gems. Starting a guild costs just 25,000 gold. At 25K even a noob who’s played for an hour can start a guild. The problem right now is every day you hear on the global chat another person asking to join a guild where people are active or looking for a guild where people contribute. There are so many dud guilds out there where people have started them and then quit yet the guild trudges on with no player support.

I suggest it’s high time to raise the bar on starting a new guild. I suggest we bump it to 1 million gold. Just high enough to keep it out of the reach of newer players. This will do several things for the game.

  • Creates competition for people getting into higher guilds

  • Forces newer players to joing existing guilds

  • Will help participation in Guild Wars

  • Will decrease the learning curve / less chance of losing players

As of right now you start a new account and with as little as $10 start a new guild without knowing how to play the game futher bloating the amount of guilds out there the new prosepective members will see.

edited: Changed poll to be open for all. I only play on PS4 but from what I am hearing it sounds as this is a problem for everyone else too.


i could say that the issue is starting to be present on the pc/mobile too, at least for the guilds that advanced to have more active requirements

but i think before increasing the starting costs, the answer would rather be in a better system regarding finding an existing guild

i will not vote since you labeled the vote/thread as PS4

edit: someone changed the title to “all platforms” so i voted :slight_smile: hope it was fine with the OP

Should probably add a Gems cost in there too.
Maybe 1000? 500?

1,000,000 seems rather high.

As it is, what are the REAL benefits of being a guild leader? Basically being able to boot people from the guild… that’s it. Why such a heavy investment from one single person to be that?

A huge part of the Gems experience is from being in a guild. If you cut off access to lower level players, they won’t be able to participate.

Think about it. If I have enough excess resources to throw 1,000,000 gold into creating a new guild (which is assuming that at that point I’ve unlocked and level 10’d all my kingdoms, because that’s what anyone would logically do first), I’m not going to drop 1,000,000 gold to start a guild, and then have guild reqs that would be low enough for people just starting the game to be able to join.

For a person at that level of the game and with that much excess gold to drop, you’re at LEAST mid level, you’re going to want guild reqs that are comparable at LEAST to that. New players can’t donate 100k gold, 300k gold, 500k gold a week, and unlock and level all their kingdoms unless they’re the top 1% most hardcore where they would play enough every week to do that. That’s closing out the ability to be in a guild to many of them.

Because, and I’m all for newbs and helping out, but if I’m dropping that kind of gold on making a guild, i’m not taking in a whole bunch of level 30 players with a 10k gold/week requirement… not worth the investment when I could easily find higher level players who would donate more.


Also on PC/mobile, but I think having a low cost to start the guild is fine. I think there should be some way to “clean up” old guilds that are no longer active. Maybe something like “No one contributes any seals, gold, or trophies for 2 weeks” and then that guild will be disbanded. Would help to clear up some of the guilds popping up in the guild finder when new players go looking.

I don’t know how many guilds actually fit this requirement and if it would make a difference. I assume there would be a fair amount since a lot of people download gems on console since it’s free to play and then probably move on to other games (or in my case, move on to gems on the PC/Mobile side).

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I play primarily on the X1 console but I voted to raise it. It should be a little higher for all platforms.

  1. 1M might be a bit high, 100k sounds reasonable to me.
  2. @Annaerith Improving the search features for guild is a great start too!
  3. I’m opposed to clean up. What if the guild leader reruns after a long break and wants to try his luck with his 24,542 place Guild that he started on day one?

The point is to make starting a guild to be prohibitively expensive for newer players just starting the game. It is to force them to seek out a guild rather than starting a new guild and already adding to what is a severely bloated system.

As of right now there is very little vetting going on because the lack of new players, so in a sense any one who comes a long now is just snatched up by every competing guild just to keep the ranks full.

In most games that have a guild system they tend to limit you on creating excessive guilds by keeping the costs high as to keep the current guilds from stagnating from lack of active players as well as it keeps active guilds more competitive because if a player becomes inactive they are more likely to be removed because there are more players available in the pool to choose from.

This poll isn’t about limiting new players from guilds, it’s about keeping new players from easily creating a new guild without first exploring their options.

Easiest solution for that would then be to:

  1. not allow a new player to create a guild until they reach a certain level, or
  2. not allow a player to create a guild until they have been on gems of war for X amount of days

Console has a task I think to either start or join a guild. Now if the task was for only joining a guild…


That task should be changed to join a guild only.

I also like the idea of delaying the ability to start a guild. If they were to delay this task I think level 150 is more than enough, by then you’ve been on the chats or even this forum trying to figure stuff out.

I’m not opposed to the idea of delaying, I just figured it would be easier for them to simply bump the gold costs. And besides if someone is that desperate to create a guild for a million gold, 505 is going to get one hell of a coiner out of them!

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I fully agree with 1m starting cost, and i would also add that the player needs to be at least level 200.

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After 13 votes, the answer is pretty clear. Also I wonder if the Devs is deleting inactive guilds with inactive members, that has been inactive for months?

I must admit its a little too expensive, imagine a friends gang agree to start playing GoW, and they wants to be in the same guild, from the very beginning. I mean they can look for already existed guilds and join together, but some really wants their own guild from the very beginning.

Well 200k is the lowest i could think off while still being reasonable (I’d prefer 1m but i see your point).
And devs aren’t deleting any guilds, but they probably should. Some names for guilds are taken for no reason. I wanted to name Mean Machine Overlords when i created it, but alas, it was taken. 2 years latter i still haven’t encountered anyone from a guild with that name.

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i think they shouldnt delete any guild as long as getting statues to lv100 would take years (as it is now)

Even those guilds that weren’t active since before 2.0 version? Those are long gone now, and are just place and name holders.

werent “guild tasks” and “guild level” possible much earlier then 2.0?

dont you remmember that when statues were introduced (i think 2.1?) the statue levels were recalculated form guild level?

so now all those inactive guilds still have far better statue level then the new ones :sweat_smile:

(unless i mixed something up)

They were available. I used 2.0 as time passed because that period is so long ago, any guild with no logins since that day can be safely deleted.
You know that if a guild leader is inactive for a few months, but the rest of the guild is active, devs can make some other member the new leader of that guild - if those members send a ticket about it.
So if that guild leader comes back after a year of inactivity - he/she will find himself/herself without a guild. Whats the difference between that and deleting year+ inactive guilds?

the thing is its unfair to require a guild to make over one year of grinding tasks in game to be able to compete in the top pvp gw ranking (if the members grow strong enough)

and so i think keeping those guilds available to take over is more fair, would be a shame to delete them

at least until that yeah grind thing will be shrunk to a reasonable time amount

That’s the issue with statue leveling which is for some reason tied to time passed more then anything.

But guilds should be deleted. At some point a number of lets say 100k guilds will exist, but maybe 10k only will have people playing. The remaning 90k are just occupying name for some other guilds, and making unnecessary data saving for devs.