Plus size hotties request


I would like to see some plus sized hotties as new characters in the game. What can we do to make this happen?


Not doing it for you???


Queen Grapplepot?


Maybe a little… Haha


All the plus size are gross right? Haha


Hey, beauty is only skin deep!


Perfect shape for the Perfect Support Troop.

But yes… The art director does tend to portray obesity in an unfavorable light.


The only “plus” sized I could find. Just so happens to be the only married female troop?? :thinking:


I’m still waiting for the day when they have a female tank that can mitigate 80% of skulls or even blow up the board. Its like they also think females can’t tank that well. And even ones that have a damage reduction most have silly abilities.

So my vote would be a sized woman doesn’t need to be a ‘hottie’, that can do what demons and men in GoW already do!


Courtesy of @Taransworld’s spoiler site You are all welcome.


Queen Ysabelle is Luther’s wife, isn’t she?

Also, can a dwarf ever be “plus-sized”? Seems like an oxymoron.


Only in @Saltypatra’s shipping-fangirl-story i think.


Support? I stick her in the front and loop her until everything is dead. I call that an offensive troop lol.


Great idea if you ask me, we need this !!!


50% chance to attack your own troops.


Is this thread even real?


So awesome.
Yup JR, apparently its a thing. Not mine though, even if I kinda like lady ironbeard


I think this thread (very risky fun to start with) should probably be closed before it gets (more) offensive. @Saltypatra


It’s real and it’s gotta be reallllllllllll… Actually it’s a serious request :slight_smile:


Comon now… It was and is a serious request. Just look at the troops. There’s a lot of muscular handsome guy cards and slim attractive female cards… Why not add this???