Female? Male? Other?: A Gender Study of GoW Troops

A few weeks back, the question arose in my guild’s chat regarding whether Apothecary was a He or a She (we stuck to Binary, for simplicity’s sake) with several points being highlighted (with varying degrees of obviousness):

  • beard
  • breasts
  • princess Leia hairdo
  • knot on the beard
  • disproportionately large hand size
  • fleshy lips
  • thick eyebrows
  • elegant garment
  • utility belt
  • hot liquid (tea, based on consensus at the time after much deliberation)
  • “More than meets the eye…”

= Inconclusive

I thought maybe further input may be obtained on the forums during downtime, and the Study could be extended to other troops if any members want to highlight them.

With apologies if this is in the wrong category or an unsuitable casual topic, and looking forward to additional observations and troops worthy of analysis.


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Back in the old days, females were able to grow full facial hair like men.


Apothecary is a female dwarf. Period.


I think it’s a hermaphrodite. That’s the only logical conclusion in this illogical fantasy game.

This Dwarf probably mutated somehow, possibly due to failed potion experiments, a mix of this, a mix of that, and there you have it - a mixture of both.

Or it could be that someone making this art has a strange fetish. I find it distasteful to say the least.

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We should ask @Saltypatra. She should know.

The portrait above is trimmed right before the section that would support said periodicity.


Reference from Lord of the Rings.


Empirical evidence will surely help towards this Study’s success! :pray:

Begs the question about Ironbeard, Cragheart (couldn’t find image in gowdb), and Gemhammer though…


Focus on the line of “unless shaven in mockery”


Neither of the 3 seem to be dying of shame… Especially Ironbeard in high level delves…


“It wasn’t that dwarfs weren’t interested in sex. They saw the vital need for fresh dwarfs to leave their goods to and continue the mining work after they had gone. It was simply that they also saw no point in distinguishing between the sexes anywhere but in private. There was no such thing as a Dwarfish female pronoun or, once the children were on solids, any such thing as women’s work.”

  • Terry Pratchett - The Fifth Elephant.

Or, in other words: What does it matter?


Just depends on whether the particular artist was inspired by Tolkien / Pratchett, or by Warhammer. Don’t overthink it. ;p


Upon closer observation, Cragheart seems to have an odd beard too!

The complexity deepens!

Lord Ironbeard found Lady Ironbeard ugly when he first met her because she didn’t have a beard. He was only attracted to her when she proved her strength. So dwarven women do all have beards, and Lady Ironbeard is an exception. Dwarves therefore must have a very different standard of beauty and no doubt find beardless humans unattractive.


So Lady Ironbeard has a genetic beardeformity, that she compensates with her strength. :muscle:
If Gemhammer shares the same recessive genes (possibly a relative?), then the case for She Apothecary is significantly strengthened…

…assuming they didn’t mean anything relevant by “More than meets the eye…”

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Let’s just assume that “more than meets the eye” is because she’s a ‘transformer’ like the Transformers theme song(albeit transforming gems to a different colour, not herself into a robot) :smile:


And here I thought by the thread title we’d be counting number of troops representing different gender groups in an attempt to determine whether there is equal (or near-equal) representation of said groups; i.e: diversity (that goes beyond the obvious “diversity” that comes from having a game with a variety of troop types like daemons, dwarves, and lapina) :joy:

Anyone know if any questlines pass the Bechdel test, for instance? And if we expanded the parameters a bit: anyone ever counted how many of the human-esque cards are people of color versus not?

I was curious to see such things, myself.

My suspicion (hypothesis!) is that the male vs. female vs. vs. other vs. too-monstrous-to-tell-or-matter is a lot more even than skin color, but who knows unless we gather evidence to the contrary?


‘Herself’? Has it been concluded beyond reasonable doubt that it’s a She then? :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll have to expand to the next subject to continue the Study of the entire GoW population…

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Once all troops have been duly evaluated, we should be able to see where the minorities lie, and possibly even assess whether different Genders/Ethnicities are receiving Equal Treatment… :thinking::sweat_smile::vulcan_salute:

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It doesn’t matter
Just admit u have an attraction to apothecary, and love her for who she is