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Please reconsider your current gem sale linked to Memorial Day

Your current gem sale should not be linked to Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a solemn day of remembering; it has nothing to do with sales but much to do about sacrifice for freedoms. That said; you are of course free to hold the sale; because of the sacrifice for your freedom; but one would hope the game and its designers will rename the sale and show full respect for what days like this actually really mean and how they should be contemplated. I express this view sincerely with no disrespect intended to you; as I believe your decision has not been respectfully thought through, please reconsider and other gamers; this is one post to support and ask our game team to lift their game and not link sales to a day that should be reflective of contemplating absolute genuine sacrifice.


If you live in the United States, you must surely be aware that any federal holiday, solemn or not, is used as an occasion for sales. Mattresses, furniture, cars, and virtually anything else.


According to my local grocer it’s all about grilling.


Well ill agree with the sacrifice part the reasons for them no…

To further this thought. The reason companies do this is because a majority of companies in the US give their employees Monday off. So companies that do sales want you to shop Saturday and Sunday. Then on Monday (Actual Memorial Day) people are meant to honor those who have passed.
Credit to the devs that their sale actually ends before Memorial Day begins which is a US Holiday.


It’s like having an Anzac day sale. I don’t live in Australia, but I’m curious if an Anzac day gem sale would be acceptable there.

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Where was the outcry about the St Patrick’s day sale… Or was that a spring sale?
Would summer sale be more PC?

This is my own personal view point
Veterans day sale = disgusting
Memorial day sale = I can see people be offended, but it has been done for decades so 🤷
Any other holiday sale = whatevs

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In theory, Memorial Day is about remembering fallen soldiers, so it’s supposed to be more sacred than many other holidays. For those who go to a cemetery and lay flowers on the grave of a fallen father, brother, grandfather, uncle, etc. it’s easy to remember this. I think many in the US don’t have a personal link with a fallen soldier and forget about the real purpose of the holiday, so it starts to feel like an end of school/start of summer shopping day. There’s no doubt this is a common feeling for many in the US, but it’s important to remember that the day is very sacred for many vets and the families of fallen soldiers.

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soldiers = sold to die… so the sale is acceptable

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My opinion is from a person that is not only a vet… But has lost loved ones that served as well.
Longer than I was in the service. I’ve been an American citizen… Memorial Day weekend sales have existed since at least I’ve been alive. So maybe the issue is they didn’t add weekend to the banner. I imagine that was simple over sight.
Since this sale doesn’t actually occur on memorial day.

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My father did 20 years in the Air Force, my brother did twenty in the Army. I have a nephew in the Air Force currently stationed in Turkey. Many other members of my family have served; some have made the ultimate sacrifice. I’m not the least bit offended by this sale.


I am offended by the sale cause they keep same price and only give 50% more gems

For once please drop the price 50% and you might sell more.

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It seems like it might be similar, but it’s not exactly.

It appears that many businesses have Memorial Day Sales in the US. There is no such thing as an Anzac Day sale, as it would be illegal, punishable by up to 12 months’ imprisonment.

“Everyone does it, so therefore it’s okay” is not a valid argument in 2018. Just saying.

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This is true, but there is also an element of “the log that is in thine own eye” here. I’ve never heard anyone complain about Memorial Day sales ever, so starting with an Aussie company ignores the larger picture of what’s happening with US-based companies.

Remember, we are now living in $CURRENTYEAR, and it’s so so important not to be on the Wrong Side Of History.

Hello everyone, thought I’d pop by to shed a little light on this.

Many games have memorial day sales, and typically the companies that hold them are American. As you know, our publisher is American and thought this would be a good opportunity for a sale. As many people noted above, we held the sale over the weekend and not on Memorial Day itself. In the future, I will make this clearer.

Thank you all for your feedback, we will keep it in mind when we move forward with upcoming sales.