Please Recognize Red Charlotte's Humanity!

When I saw that the Invasion required Humans I was excited. I planned to use Red Charlotte, as she is VERY effective against towers. I found that I wasn’t able to use her because her type is pure Rogue. Every other rogue in the game is a hybrid of Rogue and their species. Red Charlotte is the only exception. Not cool, devs…

This kind of thing is going to happen again. At some point you will have made a Siegebreaker for every type, Kingdon, and species, and you will get overlap if you keep doing Invasions. What will you do then?


Dumb events and money are higher priority than good design. :roll_eyes: … I mean, she’s clearly a human …


For example:
And I ended up not using Sir Ebonheart during knight invasion because the other two fitted better in the team.

Charlotte really looks like a human rogue.


Every single troop above common rarity should be a dual type.
It’s purely asinine how they determine which are and which aren’t.


On that note, I think all knights should have a duel type, at least the ones with honor that is.


I disagree. Get something like Behemoth, its a Monster, what else is it going to be - and does it really have to be something else too? Lady Sapphira is an Undead/What?

I mean, that’s how we end up with meaningless nonsense like Warriors and so on - filler.

… I don’t disagree.


Behemoth is a Monster and an Elemental or a Construct if you prefer.

Lady Sapphira is very much an Undead and a Divine or Mystic.

Come on man… throw your good stuff. These are softball examples.

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If that’s what keeps the lights on around here, so be it. It’s a necessary evil in this day and age, unfortunately.

One of the other gacha-style games I play using a better known IP than GoW, managed by a first-tier major publisher, got the axe this morning after just a single year of operation.

If a game isn’t bringing the required money the publisher requires, either because of insufficient monetization, being too generous with free resources, or some combination of both, the publisher will shut it down. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Shimrra’s just frustrated at the moment, because beta reasons. Can’t fault them for that though, as I do share some of their concerns.

Oh no, this sounds like the next update has something we all won’t like?

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Mo beta, mo problems.

I just didn’t think it was an argument worth researching the entire troopset for the perfect examples lol.

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If by research you mean 5-10 seconds of thought. I build a lot of teams man…I have the GoW Pokedex in my brain… The only ones I don’t recognize are Raids and Invasion troops.

When was the last time there was an update that didn’t have a feature that someone didn’t like?

As with most updates these days, there are positive features in them that enhance gameplay in general. On the other hand, the way these positive features/enhancements are presented can be frustrating, especially with the known requirements of what each update must contain to be released.

Here’s my thing though.

A long time ago this would’ve been a grave concern. I had like, 2 channels on my TV, and even getting new books was a bother. Mom only took me to the library maybe once a week. I had like, 5 games to play on my SNES so I played the heck out of them. So if, for some reason, I felt like one of my games would disappear, I’d be really upset. I really lacked for things to solve my boredom.

Right now I’m playing a different F2P on auto-battle, watching a new show on Netflix that’s one of a dozen in my queue, and having four different conversations online. My game backlog is more than 50 deep, and if I focused on just the games I missed in 2018 it’d take me until 2022 to complete them. A new season of 3 shows I like comes out within the next few months. Link’s Awakening is imminent. Pokemon is coming. I’ve got 4 unread books on my shelf. I have 5 home improvement projects. I have writing projects. I have 3 iOS books I haven’t read. I have 2 C# books I haven’t read. I have 4 Computer Science books I haven’t read.

I don’t know what bored is anymore. It sometimes takes me half an hour to decide exactly which distraction I’d like to pursue. GoW can’t afford to let me feel bored while I play it. There are other gachas with more generous resource accrual. Maybe that means they won’t survive as long. I don’t care. My contract with GoW is “make me not bored”. My contract is not “make sure it stays running”. If I lose GoW, I will be sad, but I’ll pick up one of the dozen other things I could be doing instead.

GoW needs to act like it wants my money. I don’t owe GoW anything. The worst possible thing it could do is make me think, “Gee, I could be enriching my life instead of spending several hours per day on a stupid game.”

So this excuse doesn’t work on me. I think GoW could make a lot of money if its aim was to entice every player to spend $10-$15/month. Subscription models are not alien to this world. But instead GoW seems to be aiming to average that money per subscriber by enticing some players to spend disproportionately more. Everything since we lost the lore posts seems to point to “the bottom line” being more important than “the quality of the game”. Verily I say unto you, I don’t stick around for the sunken costs. I stick around to have something in common with my friends. GoW says to me it won’t give me candy unless I spend in $50 increments. GoW can go pound sand if that’s what it thinks, it’s arrogant to assert it is on the same level as a game like Pokemon.

I’ve played Newgrounds Flash games with more polish and pride than today’s GoW.

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Ditto, yet here we are discussing this topic about the one game that keeps us here and not working on each of our near-infinite backlog of games.

Well, actually, I cleared one game out of the backlog this year, Nier:Automata, which was worth the time investment.

Ever consider that you don’t represent the target audience of the game, anymore?

I’d buy your argument, if we were talking about GoW pre-3.0. Ever since then, starting with the UI changes, the game has gradually shifted its target audience from the original audience of the game (aka “the veterans”) to a newer audience. You’re right, you don’t owe GoW anything. Nor does it owe anything to you, me, or anyone, no matter how long we’ve played this game.

Wait… what??

You’re playing other F2P games and yet you are unfamiliar with how F2P gacha/lootbox monetization plans work? You outright wrote the methodology behind gacha/lootbox monetization games. Under the “old model”, GoW generally made its money from volunteer subscription services, with a few direct purchases here and there (hi there, Deathknight Armor). They are still there, and haven’t changed in a long, long, time.

The “new model” targeting the new audience for this game relies on instant direct purchases of desired currencies or resources, sometimes under distressed circumstances.

Remember when any sort of promotion on gems was unheard of? That was the “old model”. The “new model” relies on flash calendars with daily gem + bonus offers that rely on impulse purchasing by players for coveted resources. Selling Orbs of Power for $50 USD (or equivalent in other countries) is what the new audience of the game desires. How many players do you believe that chase Orbs of Power on leaderboards spent that kind of money, only to fail in their chase. Yet, along comes a guaranteed offer, perhaps for an intentionally high price. I bet quite a few players took a long, hard look at that offer last week.

As long as the impulse purchases of players average out to more than what a subscription model would generate on a per player basis, that’s what businesses will do. Given the prevalence of gacha/lootbox games worldwide, the industry has spoken on the matter quite clearly.

Pokemon isn’t a gacha-based game… yet. So, that’s not a fair comparison. That said, there are fewer and fewer AAA games coming out these days that aren’t gacha-based, where $50-60 is spent to buy the base copy of the game to even be able to spend hundreds of dollars more in that game’s gacha. Unless you’re Pokemon and can guarantee selling 5+ million copies of the game at full retail price (which is practically no one), you’re likely pursuing the gacha model with your AAA game.

Looking forward to the future of GoW, the monetization of the game will continue to increase over time, further and further away from the “old model” and embracing the “new model” more and more. It is likely that in the mid-term future, that GoW will have moved so far away from the “old model” for which the original design of the game was based around as to be completely unrecognizable to veteran players. At that point approaches, veterans will have to come to terms if they still want to play this game. Each update will be more and more controversial to veteran players until they decided to either accept what GoW is becoming and embrace the changes, or end up leaving the game.

But, at the end of the day, that’s ok. GoW doesn’t owe players anything, nor is anyone obligated to keep playing GoW.

When it’s time for me to go someday, either through the game ending service or me deciding to walk away, I’ve a got an epic backlog of PS3 and PS4 games to keep me occupied for a long, long time.

Yeah I mostly agree with you.

The parts where you felt I was contradictory are more me saying, “There are other business models that have been proven to work. But the current industry is like a level in the game Lemmings, everybody follows the same model because “It’s the only thing that’s working!” and as long as some % of the Lemmings don’t walk directly into the giant Lemming blender the industry calls it an absolute win.”

I’m not here because the game itself’s fun. I’m here because I don’t want to lose something in common I have with the handful of GoW people I hang out with.

The social element, guilds included, is such a huge factor, and imo one of the main reasons a lot of people keep playing. Every time a newbie is welcomed to Global and directed towards a guild, (new-player) retention gets a massive boost (or so I imagine). This is why it always shocks me when Devs respond to requests to improve certain chat/guild features with, “What? But we just had a guild update!!!”.

It’s hard to know what is/was the best route to take
But I’ve always thought they would’ve made more money if everything was reasonably priced
Mostly because I never considered paying these insane prices, but I know plenty of people who have, and it surprises me every time I get guild keys from guild mates

Which is really free scouting? Spending real cash, or the easiest in-game resource to obtain, gold
I can scout for 50 gold after gaining 1000-2000 gold from a 30 second battle

Either way, I’m thankful for a great game
But I would consider spending money as being a charitable donation, not a product of value
The only money I’ve spent on this game is on the weed I’m smoking while playing :drooling_face:

We’re drifting from the original topic.

I agree that many troops are not the types you would expect them to be by art and/or mechanics. Some of it is legacy, a few maybe for balance, but a lot of it comes across as random.

So what your saying is, the conversation is going rogue? I’d say it should be going human, but it seems we already are.

Perhaps that is the best analogy for why Red Charlotte’s typing is so bad.