[Not a bug] Red Charlotte unusable in Invasion event due to misclassification

Platform, device version and operating system:
Android 11 (English)

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting to be able to use Red Charlotte in the current Invasion event. This event is limited to the Human hero type, which Red Charlotte clearly is based on her picture. The bug is that she is listed as a Rogue (only), whereas every single other one of the 58 available Rogues (which is a class) also have a race (i.e. Human). Red Charlotte is the only exception; the only Rogue with no race.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This is the first time I’ve expected to be able to use Red Charlotte and couldn’t.

Steps to make it happen again
Start an Invasion team (or perform a general troop search with the Human filter) and observe that Red Charlotte does not appear. Then, perform a general troop search with the Rogue filter and observe that Red Charlotte is the ONLY one without a race.

This same issue was reported more than two years ago but no one from Support acknowledged it so I’m hoping it might get better visibility in this area.

The Human Siegebreaker is General Suladin.
Red Charlotte is for the Rogue teams. She was the last month’s “invasion captain”.
(Not a bug).

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It’s still a bug. Every single other Rogue has a race. If that means two Siegebreakers are available in the same event, what’s the harm? There are more kingdoms than classes so it’s poor design to try to force a 1-to-1 relationship between the two.

If you applied the same logic to the “monster” class, you would end up with pretty much every single troop available.

Not every member of the Monster class is dual-typed. That is the case for the Rogue class, except for Red Charlotte, so the break from clear precedent is what makes it a bug.

The whole dual-typing thing is poorly conceived and implemented. We’re not going to solve that here. But we could change one troop so that ALL Rogues are dual-typed.

All siegebreaker are pure one type only.
Except Mordayne and Wulfric but that was another story.
I dont see any bugs here.

And yes, invasion are races event, instead raid events that belong to each kingdom.

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The Rogue class does feel like a secondary class, mostly because it is listed as the second class in all combinations. The same goes for the Knight class, where there is only one single class troop too (and again, the siegebreaker; Sir Ebonheart in this case).
This may be the result of clumsy design, and of course, when classes were created, invasions were still far away in the future. But it’s not worth putting the concept on its head.

And about the question, how much the picture says about a troop… well, ask my hero, who can switch between Human, Elemental, Demon or Urska with a single click, but keeps looking like a kitty.


Siegebreakers have only one race. They were designed this way to prevent people from using an old siegebreaker instead of buying enough tiers to get the troops to mythic for max damage. Now that invasion is a weekend event, and these troops all drop from chests regularly, this doesn’t make as much sense as it once did, but that’s why she is only a rogue.

I can’t remember if there are a few exceptions, and I’m at work, so I can’t look that up, but filter troops for siegebreaker, and you’ll see.

Two of the very first Siegebreakers were dual-class with “Knight” as their secondary. After those, every remaining Siegebreaker has been single-class even when there have been “logical” secondaries that could be attached to them. And for the reasons you stated in your opening paragraph.

This isn’t the first thread begging for Red Charlotte to be dual-classed. What I figure is thus: If the people advocating for that make themselves too much of a nuisance, they’re much more likely to “convince” the developers to ret-con the two dual-class Siegebreakers back into single-class types than anything else.

They’ve been designed as single-class troops for a reason, and almost every one of them is completely useless outside of this single event. So it seems to me a bit curious to make this a hill worth dying upon.

I would hardly consider two threads in two years to be a “nuisance” or a “hill worth dying upon.” Especially when no one from Support acknowledged the first thread.

Frankly, I would be fine if they removed the second class from the two Siegebreakers that currently have it. Consistency is key for preempting player questions and fairness complaints.

Heyas, Red Charlotte being a single Troop Type, Rogue, is intended.
We’ve been trying to keep Siegebreakers to a single type as you were all discussing.