Please make Pet Gnome immune to Lycanthropy

Please replace the Pet Gnome’s first trait, immunity to hunter’s mark, with immunity to lycanthropy.

Thank you for your consideration.


does the transformation eliminate the pet bonus? If i remember I think you can transform the gnome using EoE or Dragon’s egg and it will still pay out.

…or, make Lycanthropy work like normal Transform and have it count as a death for the troops it transforms so no one is screwed out of sigils or rewards.

If Lycanthropy is in fact costing rewards that would have been given from Gnomes.


Why stop at Pet Gnomes? ALL Gnomes should be immune to Lycanthropy. Or better yet, what @awryan said. One of my guildies lost out of a Gnome reward because Lycanthropy transformed the Gnome before he could kill it.


You’re going about this all wrong.

All TROOPS should be immune to Lycanthropy. Think big!!


This is honestly so poorly made. Just tell me it doesn’t affect Valravens cause holy shit that’d actually be annoying when trying to clear stuff, like for example this delve today.


It affects Valravens, and I don’t think it’s currently considered a bug :confused:.

I mean, they have to be Stunned or Cursed first, since that have the Undying trait, but if they do get Lycanthropied, you don’t get the Sigils…

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Holy shit I read someone saying that in the last Q&A they said it was INTENTIONALLY that way.

So they intentionally fuck players over. How is that even considered a good move? I have no idea …


You know what’s also messed up about lycanthropy counting/not counting as death?

It ruins deathless faction runs.

So if you get transformed as a player, yeah, the game thinks you DIED.

But if you transform an opponent?

Nope — nothin’ to see here, folks: no pet triggers, no gnome drops, no sigils won :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Valraven issue is considered a bug.

This is a devour issue, not lycanthropy. The devs have stated losing raven sigils due to lycanthopy is not a bug. :frowning:

I should probably revive my joke post about updating their raven article.

So, I’ve forgotten how to read, then? Interesting.

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I am hoping my suggestion should be simple for them to program. I’m not sure greater ideas are going to even be considered by the producers of this game.

Since the Pet Gnome’s purpose is to summon a Beast, I am thinking they shouldn’t be susceptible to being transformed into a Beast. Or am I thinking about this backwards?

In any case, considering the really low frequency of appearance, and that too many times a Pet Gnome gives me a rescue for a pet I already have at level 20 anyway, I just don’t want to lose any rescue opportunities.

You know what would make more sense than turning into a random troop? Lycanthropy should have a chance to make the afflicted target randomly devour one of its allies, so that it has an actual ill effect with the current logic of it not being a truly bad effect to get. At least that way you could make sense of what a lycan would actually do (since they should transform back after a point, if the game developers actually wanted to be creative with it) once afflicted.

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