[REPORTED] Valraven credit not given

Platform, device version and operating system:
Samsung Galaxy S10

Screenshot or image:
N/A. Issue was discovered after the fight

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Guild Event: Tower of Doom

King Iron gut devoured a Valraven
Later IronGut was devoured by Bulette

No credit was given for slaying the Valraven

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

First incident

Steps to make it happen again
Likely repeat process. Use a troop with devour trait and have it be devoured.


I shouldn’t, but I laughed. #gowqa

Devour a Valraven :white_check_mark:
Get your valraven devourer devoured :x:

Wonder if this was always the case.


Frustrating af… : /

Tried to reproduce this with gorbil (no more bulettes on floor 25+ for me), and got my sigils.

Did you win that battle?

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Yes, I did.

I’m asking if this is intended behaviour, sit tight.

I’m having some doubts that your Irongut getting devoured made any difference here. The game doesn’t seem to keep track of specific troop related events of past turns.

Could you please post the team you have been using? Maybe there’s something else in there that might explain what happened. On a very wild guess, you have some source of Lycantrophy in your team, which hit the absolute jackpot of transforming your Valraven into a Valraven, voiding the sigils.

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This isn’t intended behaviour, and I’ve submitted a bug report for it.


Is it also possible to check interaction with gnomes as well?
If Lycanthropy voids sigils from a raven, it’s highly likely that the same is true for gnome rewards.

Yup, Gnomes are affected, too. One of my guildies posted in guild chat that he did not receive any Gnome loot after the Gnome got transformed due to Lycanthropy.

Did you mean to put this comment on this bug report? This bug report is about double devour, not lycanthropy.

I was just answering Dust Angel’s question about whether Gnomes were affected too.