Please do something about pvp matchmaking

Getting really bored about fighting the same guys over and over.

Just to show you how it is redundant i took in note the name of opponent i had to fight during an hour of gameplay. This is based on the 3 trophy fights

2- bass man
12- bass man
18- kermit
19-bass man
20- rob17
24- mondinsel
25- bass man

That’s it so in 1h of gameplay i fighted

5x krugger34
4x bass man
3x zach
4x rob17
3x seth
3x mondinsel
3x kermit

25 fights against the same 7 persons and i could keep going 3-4h and the name would be the same over and over, it’s been like this the entire week.

Now i know some people will say you are not forced to pick the 3 trophy fight, yes it’s right but if you want to be competitive and be in the top of leaderboard, you got no choice to pick them. Not only to be competitive but if you want glory and gold, this is also the best choice.

I really think the pvp system need to be reworked, for the end gamer, the only thing we can do is pvp to get gold and glory , i personaly don’t need to do arena or explore cause i already got more then enough souls and stones. Please devs do something!


That’s… extreme… I have noticed the same names repeat a lot though, on mobile version as well, but not as badly as that.

It can depend what time you play and who else is active around your player level.

(Tweaked your thread title so subject was clearer). Agree devs need to look at this again.

Not sure about that, i played all week at different hours and it was the same guys.

Yesterday i played almost all day and that was also the same person, like i said in another post i was keeping an eye on one of them in the leaderboard and i could tell you he was not playing cause his score wasn’t moving exept when he was winning or losing defense fights. i also know he wasn’t doing explore or story mode or arena cause this guy only make pvp like me

I confirm that, always the same names on the 3 trophies options. With very few exceptions like sometime a guy who attacked me appears on the 3 troph tier for a revenge. But I have same names to fight as Ricky all weeks too. :-1:

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I have the same problem with this. Different names but over the course of a couple of hours I’ll probably fight 6 to 10 different names.


Same problem constantly fighting the same 10-15 click, I have been a top 100 ranked player this week, but generally even weeks where I have been no where 5-20k its still the same for the 3 trophy.

Technically you could mark each player to not be fought for 24 hours, even if you played 24 hours with a battle every 2 minutes it would only use up the top 720 players.

-Mobile/PC (Steam)

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maybe this kind of repetitiveness multiplies the negative impression of “same meta team all the time” in pvp?
since in 25 fights you only meet actual 7 teams

even if all those 7 teams were different you could feel it gets boring adn too repetitive as they keep coming up…

maybe pvp has actually much more team variety then a person meets daily?

maybe simply fixing this matchmaking effect would bring much more variety to ppl’s every day pvp experience?

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@Rickygervais I already tried to do something about this. Sadly no one cares.

New week, same opponent then last week
@Nimhain @Sirrian @GoldPhoenix0 @Alpheon i enjoy your game but this repetitive things are really killing the game

I couldn’t agree more

I agree as well.

These “I agree” comments are getting repetitive… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree completely.

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I’m going to agree to be in agreement with those that are posting their agreement.

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Let’s say we all agree then

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Let’s just all agree to disagree against not agreeing.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!