[PLEASE CONTACT SUPPORT] Missing purchased event badges

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam on Windows 10.

Screenshot or image:
Three tiers purchased

Purchased Booty badges missing, two Booty tokens collected from event rewards.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I purchased three tiers in the Imperial Summons world event. I then went to the medal screen, the medals weren’t visible, that’s normal when the app has been running since before reset so I restarted the app. After restarting the medals were visible, but the two Booty badges purchased in the event shop were missing.

I collected event rewards, and received two Booty tokens which do appear on the medal screen.

Potions and event sigils from the event shop were received correctly.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It happened for the first time today. There have been other weeks when I have awakened the PC and app from sleep, bought event tiers and then had to restart the app in order to see the medals

Steps to make it happen again
[Speculating, I’m not able to replicate it myself] Have app running from before reset at the start of the world event. Open the event and buy tiers. Go to the medal screen, the event medals are not visible (this is undesirable but usual). Restart Gems of War app, go to medals screen: Booty tokens, badges and medals are now visible, but with a tally of zero for each. [edit: removed this, I don’t know what was different this week, these steps replicate having to restart the app to assign badges/medals, but I don’t know what if different today which caused me to lose badges, see 1) and 2) in post below]

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You have to close the game down and restart and then they appear.

Silly, isn’t it? :roll_eyes:

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Yes, it is silly, and I fall into that trap most weeks. I tut and sigh, then restart the app and the medals appear. But not this week! The bug is that the medals I had bought did not appear, even after a restart. The medals became visible on the medals screen as usual (second screenshot - I suspect that they’re filtered out by release date when the app has been running since before reset). But my quota of Booty tokens, badges and medals was zero - usually I would see the two badges purchased (I usually open with tier 3).

If I were creating bug tickets (something I have done in real life), I’d likely create two tickets:

  1. If the app has been running since before reset at the start of the day when the new medal becomes available, then tokens can be bought in the shop, but the new badges and medals cannot be selected. The workaround is to restart the app.

  2. There are some circumstances related to 1) under which tokens can be bought in the event shop, but the purchased tokens/badges are missing after restarting the app. There is no workaround (other than buying more tiers…).

I have seen 1) many times and the workaround has always worked previously. This post is about 2), which seems to be rare (no “me too” posts today and I don’t recall similar in previous weeks).

I bought six tokens, which formed two badges, before restarting the app and those two badges vanished. I have since formed one badge from tokens collected from rewards, normally at this point I’d be using a medal.

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Please contact our support so we can sort this out for you ASAP.

I don’t think this is a systemic bug, and looks isolated. (I could be wrong, but please contact support.)

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Thank you, Salty. I have raised a support ticket.

I agree, this appears to be isolated. If it were systemic a crowd would have gathered with pitchforks and torches by now.

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Hi @Saltypatra, I have heard nothing about this, could you chase it? It’s ticket #100368.

I have this exact problem every week with a new campaign I purchase and receive tokens but the tokens don’t show up ever and restarting doesn’t help anymore but there is one solution that is never to purchase in the shop another item ever again which cramps the game that I love
I only play the game using my Xbox series S

If you are seeing this problem, please raise a support ticket. I have not seen the problem again, although I am more cautious now about restarting the game before buying into an event.