Pharos Ra Support Group... All Welcome... 😭


A big chicken.

I really wish this would happen, I would laugh so hard.


that’s probably one of their Christmas surprises. Gems of War, the gift that keeps on giving.


Everybody is getting a free Pharos Ra for Christmas?


I actually have TDS and Pharos in my souls explore team, I don’t have pharos fully traited though so instead I have padded it with Zombie and Flesh Golem solely for Necromancy (my limit is 80 in match at the moment for souls which becomes 260 on WL4 with my other buffs). Honestly once TDS gets off one or two hits, there is nothing Pharos can’t one shot with his ability, which is then pretty much guaranteed to fill TDS. The two work very well together and it only takes a hit from TDS first, then a hit from Pharos for me to fill up my 80 soul limit, so once I have his third trait it’s going to make a HUGE difference (nearly doubling my gains).

It’s worth mentioning this team is terrible for anything but explore souls farming, but it’s ridiculously fast at doing that (with the right starting board I can be done after the enemies second turn most games).

One day I will have 4 Pharos Ra’s and the World will be my oyster!


We haven’t adjust the drop rates to make Pharos Ra more difficult to obtain. Remember he is also available in Gem, Glory and VIP Chests, as per normal :sunny:


i can confirm owning pharos-ra is not just a completionist or hype thing. i should know, i have 2. some mythic can be disappointing because you build up too much hype for yourself but not pharos. great soul generator and sniper, with a hint of backfire due to transform.

unlike other “boosted by” troops, pharos boost can’t be lowered at this moment by any troop. even at 0 magic, he can still snipe at huge damage if you have enough souls with more necro troops, or a second pharos.

but most important is that 150% necro bonus. you could put him in the usual gorgotha, krys, ds combo and get extra 150% souls effortlessly in pvp without using a specialize soul farming team in explore. huge time saver.


A corollary is that it’s important to enjoy the hunt. :paw_prints:


I gotta say, I’m a little grouchy about getting a coy joke about completionism.

I just kind of want to see something definitive here:

[ ] “It’s random, yes that means there will be long droughts and many repeats, this is how we intend it to work.”
[ ] “We don’t like how it works but this is fairly low in our list of priorities, please give us time.”

It’s hard for me to say much more without coming off as really mean towards the staff. There’s a lot of dang broken windows in this game right now, so I understand if priorities are elsewhere. But laughing at the players’ concerns isn’t a good way to keep me distracted from ‘I haven’t seen the game consistently load image assets or without downloading 18+ MB of data for more than two months, and it’s supposedly been fixed twice’. If I expound on my other ‘quotation mark observations’ it gets really mean.

When I forget these gripes I have fun with the game. When I remember them I ask myself why I’m not reading books instead of playing it. Probably not wise to get me to remember the gripes.


Just throwing My 2 cents in. this BS has totally made me lose faith in the devs…I hope they start being awesome again soon.


Why? It’s random. They said it was random. What’s BS about that?

Also, they then did everything they could short of an update to make the situation better for us.

Not sure what more you expect…


There’s more to it than just this post…there was a MASSIVE lack of communication throughout and not to mentions My reasons in needlessly deleted posts.


Even before this topic existed the response was “it’s random”, I’m not sure how much clearer they need to be.


Look, I don’t disagree that they’ve generally been doing a poor job of communication over the last 6 or so months. I think everyone will agree with that.

That said, I don’t think it’s applicable in this instance. You’re free to be annoyed b/c luck hasn’t shined on us, but it is what it is and they’ve been very clear about that (and were subsequently as responsive as they could be).


Pharos -Ra was the first Mythic I received from a LT. I have all the others (save Xathenos) from Chests.
I believe it to be the most rare of all the Mythics in the game. “Haven’t adjusted” since exactly when?
Cause if Soul Forge and chests are practically the same RNG… The soul forge is clearly demonstrating the rarity of the troop.
Shouldn’t all Mythics have exactly the same drop rate as their counterpart?


To be clear, Pharos Ra has appeared in the Soulforge twice already, which is the same number of appearances as Elemaugrim, Gard’s Avatar and Wulfgarok.

Unfortunately, both times were in the first two weeks of the Soulforge when no one had the Diamonds to craft him yet.

Nevertheless, he’s clearly in the drop pool and the statistics aren’t suggesting he’s any less likely than any other Mythic.


soooooo… if they put in place the no repeat mythic shall appear until all mythic get their turn, would it mean pharos is not gonna be seen for a long time since it had been in appeared twice already?



Guys, WHAT is happening in the Soulforge? I am SO CONFUSED. Help. Do legendaries have a different rotation (more often than mythics) and I just was too dumb to figure that out until now?

On Monday, when I checked after reset, I saw Ysabelle there (and even posted it here and no one disagreed). Because I really want more Ysabelle-copies, but wouldn’t have enough diamonds for a possible Pharos-Ra next week, I actually decided to spend some real money to buy what I need to get to 4800 diamonds this week.
Just got there after buying the 4,99-pack like a good girl each day now.
Opened the Soulforge.
No Ysabelle.


Someone explain.

What happened? I am NOT stupid. I know she’s been there! I KNOW it.


The “no repeat Mythic” is for one week to another.


Yeah there is something strange:

  • on Monday I fill the spreadsheet to keep the Mythic avaibility somewhere: it was Abynissia, Infernus, Plague, Stonehammer
  • but according to taransworld, it’s now: Abynissia, Infernus, Yasmine’s Chosen, Stonehammer

So one Mythic was changed during the mid-week. It could be the same for one Legendary.


Thank you for the answer! I hadn’t looked at the mythics too closely because I only am interested in Pharos-Ra right now.

Gonna ping some people then. @Nimhain @Cyrup
Can you guys explain what happened? Both Ysabelle and Plague, who had been in the forge after Monday reset, are now gone and replaced with other troops.
I admit I am very upset right now since I have spent 25 bucks on the daily deal because I REALLY wanted Ysabelle and now she’s gone. Maybe it was my fault for not checking the forge daily, but I had assumed in good faith that right now, nothing changes during the week.
Don’t get me wrong, if there’s some rotation going on mid-week, that’s an improvement as it gives more troop variety, but we should have been informed about that. The only info we got was that nothing would appear two weeks after another.

25 bucks are quite a bit of money (especially in December, when presents are a thing I need to buy), but I was willing to spend them on Ysabelle. Now she’s not there and I had no way of knowing that.

I would really, really like at least an explanation.
Sorry for sounding angry.
If I need to file a ticket about a buggy forge, let me know.
But dang, I’m mad at the moment.