Pharos Ra Support Group... All Welcome... 😭


Imps are far too common in soul forge. Someone should check the troop pools.
Oh, and I bought 4 summer imps and now have him mythic. Yay for me.


I congratulate you on your achievement.

It’s good that Imps haunt the Soul Forge because they are seasonal and so quite rar-er than other Legendaries.
Same is true of the Apocalypse Mythics, because their Kingdom doesn’t have a week of its own.




I was just thinking the other day, that although it would be super amazing once you have a Pharos, how would you feel after a week or so of owning him? Would you not just want the next best thing anyway?

The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.”
― Alan W. Watts, The Culture of Counter-Culture: Edited Transcripts

And then the next best mythic? And then all of the mythics?

Just a bit of philosophy for the morning…


I would agree with you in most other cases. But, I assume that most of the people that are passionate about Pharos Ra in this thread want him for his third trait ability so that they can have a more effective soul farm team. Dawnbringer (and future mythic weapons) have made soul farming necessary even for some end gamers.

I’m an end gamer and still need to farm 500k more souls to get Dawnbringer. Luckily, I have some Pharos cards to make that go faster. Others want that same chance.


That’s exactly what happened to me after I crafted Famine a couple months ago. It was kind of a letdown and I didn’t end up using him at all. Then a couple weeks later, I realized I was being stupid and put him on a couple GW teams and was amazed at how awesome he is.

So yeah, I’m saving up for Infernus (today might be the day that I cross 4000!) and we’ll see how I feel, but I think most everyone waiting for Pharos will still like him a week or two later…


Honestly that depends on how well exploring goes with him. If it becomes something I need to really concentrate on (contrary to using TDS now where I just zone out and don’t need to target anything), it might suck more than I want it to suck.

But yeah, after getting Pharos-Ra my next goals are saving back up for Famine and getting Ysabelle to mythic. I have enough goals to last me a long while and having enough souls to level my kingdom-stars and then think about Dawnbringer would be nice.


Good news, you can just put Pharos at the back of your TDS team! I use Krystenax, Sylvanimora, TDS, Pharos. I give up 3 damage per cast on TDS for not having a dragon, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s still a stupid-easy team and you’re adding Necromastery to TDS as a soul-generator. Sometimes, Pharos even helps out if you need a one-shot kill to clean up a resurrected TDS or something at the end of a match.


Yup, that’s kinda my idea if a team of troops with Necromancy proves to be too slow and/or concentration-based for me. Right now I actually have Erinyes in last position; I found out last week that her storm-causing trait makes battles faster than a fourth dragon. She definitely could be switched out, though.

Still, more Necromancy-troops would make things even faster. I’ll have to do some testing once I get Pharos…whenever that may be.


You know what would be super amazing?

Actually verifying that Pharos Ra is in the pool.

I have mine but this topic is becoming tedious and it is well known that ‘oops forgot to ad’ has happened in the past. Just give then their Pharos Ra next week so I don’t have to see this topic anymore. Oh, and imps are ridiculously too common.


If you don’t want to see this topic again, you can mute it. There’s no reason to condescend to the “unwashed masses” in your request.


I was actually looking forward to liking this post, because it is a genuinely GREAT suggestion… but then you became condescending… :cry:

So, I can’t like it, but thanks for the good idea. :+1:


No sadly. It has a 3rd Trait that is super beneficial to soul gain, which is a cornerstone of the game. It has a long term gain that nothing else can match. Now if they moved that 3rd trait to a Legendary and made Pharos-Ra more combat based, this topic could be avoided. (imo). It is pretty much the only mythic where 3 or 4 copies isn’t a waste of time.


Er… Cyrup I’m not sure you should be looking to expose the futility of the ‘just one more thing’ psychology given that your employer relies on it for making its monies!


This made me, literally, lol!


I’m an endgame player about 500k souls away from crafting Dawnbringer, and sitting on 4K diamonds for crafting Pharos. It simply doesn’t make sense to begin that Explore grind without him, if there’s a chance he will be available in the next couple weeks.

So seeing him (it?) not turn up in the Soulforge week after week kind of sucks. The other Mythics I’m missing have dropped a few times (particularly Gard and Abynissia) but I can’t justify crafting them because Pharos is that much more valuable to an end-game person who needs to grind souls for the Forge.


Here you go Duckyduck…


Just to confirm for those wondering, Pharos-Ra is in the drop pool for Soulforge.


At this point, can you put him in the drop pool like 1000 times so players will stop whining and we can move on with our lives?

(P.S. I realize this could mean every single Mythic is Pharos-Ra next week. I really hope that happens!)


What’s a Pharos-Ra?