Pharos Ra Support Group... All Welcome... 😭


I will just put this here to influence good luck in all of your direction for tomorrows Soul Forge craft-able Mythics.



8 hours til the moment of reckoning!!!



I won’t be online during the reset this time (need to sleep in four hours or so), but I pray to Pharos-Ra that when I wake up I’ll find the big chicken in the forge. Maybe me not being online for once will help matters since so far, I always was up during reset and he didn’t appear. Maybe he’s scared of me (or bunnies).:yum:


Good idea! But to summon a Pharaoh we really need to do it up right…


Very well done, with talent like this being put to the task I am sure tomorrow the Pharos-Ra Summoners will get their wish.


Liking the creativity here.


Pharos-Nah again this week.


Ha… oh dear…


Ra Ra Pharos Ra… Why did They forsake Thy faithful devotees!!! :sob:


Blood sacrifice is all that remains…


But we did that last week! Everyone slaughtered a bunch of moas. Now they’re extinct and look what it got us! Nothing! :cry:


Everything is sadness.:cry:
…I’m so tempted to spend all my diamonds on Ysabelle-copies to get her to mythic at this point, but I knew that would be stupid. But still.


Reposting this link… we all need a listen, I think… :cry:

Tunes of War: Official Forum Thread


Someone on console mentioned that the selection of Mythics and Legendaries in the Forge each week is determined in an entirely randomistical fashion. Has that been verified (Citation, please… I must have missed it thanks)

Which explains why you guys are burning chicken guts and chanting?

So, like, there’s no rhyme nor reason for the appearance of any troop in particular. I presume the only restriction would be they would remove from the lot any immediate repeats of last week.


They have confirmed a number of times that it is random. One of those times was in this very thread when Nimhain explains that the selection will remain random but mythics from a previous week won’t appear the following week.


Thank you @Ashasekayi. Up until you quoted Nim directly from this thread, the only commentary I’d seen on the randomization question was @TheIdleOne’s post two weeks ago on
“The devs have mentioned multiple times that the Soul Forge is random, and they have no control of what shows up.”

I’d also prefer if people avoided posting large animated GIFs or Memes into important threads, because when video loads in a fractured manner on a small screen, it’s going to obscure other necessary posts… like Nim’s confirmation from seven days ago.

On a similarly related side-note about video, I think Twitch and other live-streaming methods aren’t a useful medium for retrieval of collective knowledge about game mechanics. :slightly_frowning_face:


And still no Wulfgarok either. :sob:


Fix dawn-bringer first.


If you think that our misfortune will lead to you getting what you want, I regret to inform you your logic is flawed. These things are completely independent of each other.

And though I am a good sport and have a healthy sense of humor, my patience is wearing thin. With this Soul Forge situation and you admittedly become a target for my frustration with a snarky post.

If you intend your post as a joke, a smiley emoji would go a long way to making it read with more accuracy, otherwise, kindly take that kind of attitude elsewhere…

THANKS! :wink:


Feel for you and my other friends.