Pharos Ra Support Group... All Welcome... 😭


It was simply asking the mods why they were silent on the issue

Edit…the DEVS rather not the mods


More improvements planned. Sounds good…but are they what…3 to 6 months out?


All hail the mighty High Priestess @Nimhain!!! We implore your greatness to speak to Pharos Ra and present him with our sacrifices!!!

More chicken entrails… More gold and jewels… More everything… Ra Ra Pharos Ra!!!


And lasts for slightly longer than 52 weeks. “next year” =/= “first day next year”.


How soon after a Mythic releases do they start showing up in the pot of possible Soul Forge Mythics? e.g. when would Worldbreaker be a possibility


To all my fellow Support Group Members:
I give you a special treat. I hope you enjoy your surprise! Follow the link to find the goodie!! :grin:



I believe the week after they release there is a possibility for them to appear (not 100% sure, I’d have to double check with the coders about that)


So there’s 21 mythics now, I think. Five appear in the forge each week, one of them always being Xathenos. Meaning it’s actually a rotation of 20 different ones in four slots if Worldbreaker is now part of the rotation.
Four of them are now out for next week, meaning 16 mythics for four slots. That means a 25% chance for Pharos-Ra (or anyone else) to appear. Before the change, it was 20%, so we have a 5% better chance now to get what we want.
…I think.
I am not good with math.:sweat_smile:

I crafted Yasmine’s Chosen now since I finally hit 8000 diamonds and I got Worldbreaker with my very last gems from a VIP chest on Thursday. I know the smarter thing would have been to wait for Famine since Famine’s more useful, but when it comes to video games, I am the stereotypical woman - I wanna buy what’s shiny and pretty and I love Yasmine’s Chosen’s design.:blush:
The other 4000 diamonds are for Pharos-Ra, though. 25% chance to see him in two days…


I think you’ll be happy next week, it’s in the stars! Scorpius is in uranus.


Yasmine is a great troop, so congratulations! I’d rather have her than Pharos. I use her to great effect in guild wars on 3 days (with apothecary, green seer, or forest troll to power her up).

Famine is also really good. I use him in a lot of PvP teams but currently only one GW team.


Scorpius is WHERE? We don’t want him in there!


Obvious comment aside - @Courtaud took care of that :stuck_out_tongue: - let me add that if you jinxed it now and Scorpius will be in the forge on Monday but Pharos won’t be, I’ll be super-mad at you.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks! I was super-stoked on getting Worldbreaker and now find him pretty mediocre so far, so I’m really happy to hear that Yasmine’s Chosen is great! I mainly wanted her to be in a team with Ysabelle (because I’m dumb and just play with the troops I like, not the troops who are effective), but I’m very happy to note all the fun teams with her. Just need to trait her now - I finished Worldbreaker today and have nothing for her so far. Gotta farm!


Twb and yasmine’s is awesome in a combination.
Try twb, yas, mercy and bard hero with orpheus lute, or anything last, maybe dragonguard hero? It’s one of my favourite teams.


Even better! 27.75%


Dear devs,
Way too many dawnbringer in arena. Please no pharos ra until you fix dawnbringer in arena.
Dawnbringer is an end game soul sink, and pharos is an attempt to bypass that.

Moding opinions you disagree with is naughty.



I decided to craft Famine this week. I almost expect Pharos Ra to show up next week.


I don’t see him showing up any time soon


Thanks for increasing our chances of Ra showing up tomorrow! All hail Ra!