PC/Mobile Account on Steam Deck

I’m curious. How does one play gems of war on steam deck with their existing PC account?

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so sad… no one knows how? the account tab is not available when you play the game from steam deck… :frowning:

I have no idea why you can’t see account tab - it’s there on my Steam Deck. It’s in settings.

Steam has cloud save, on first game opening it should ask you if you want to create a new account or use cloud save.


thanks. will try to reinstall.

thanks @Dwuemka . reinstall the game fix the issue!

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I’m sure you’ve gotten past this by now, but for those who haven’t. In steam/PC and probably SteamDeck, you need to get through the initial tutorial and 2-3 fights in Broken Spire for some things to trigger/unlock. Once you do this, you get like 4 or 5 messages in your inbox and also at this time, the account tab will magically appear.

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