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PAX gossip (maybe some stuff about 1.0.8)

I was lucky enough to go to PAX and have a chat with Sirrian and get shown an early build of 1.0.8. I also met Nimhain briefly and saw a few other crew members promoting hard. As much as I love GoW there were lots of other things to see too! :smiley:

The GoW stall in the expo hall was a castle which was definitely in the top few stalls at PAX for looks. It made directing folk to the GoW stand easy too - “Just look for a big castle!”

It was a big day of seeing lots of cool gaming stuff, so here’s what I can remember about GoW. 1.0.8 is a game-changing update even more than 1.0.7 and Crafting is the name of the game!

  • All troops have 3 unlockable passive abilities
  • Abilities are unlocked via crafting
  • Crafting materials are generated by playing or opening chests
  • There will be lots of different types of chest, with different levels of keys
  • The lowest level is keys bought with gold, then keys bought with glory, then a few more types of chest
  • On update to 1.0.8, Iron keys will convert to “glory keys” or whatever the 2nd level of keys is called because this level is the closest in value
  • Chests now contain one troop each (not 3) and some crafting materials
  • Obviously the higher level chests have better chances of rarer troops
  • Troops not only level up, but also gain rarity - you can use extra copies to boost a troop from Common to Rare to Ultra-Rare etc. with corresponding stat boosts. I want a Legendary Dire Wolf. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Don’t worry, disenchanting for souls is still an option
  • Lots of little interface changes - e.g. troops can be levelled to maximum in one click (or maximum you can afford in souls)
  • From what I saw, it was all good changes, but then I like the 1.0.7 speed change so who knows what other players will complain about

This is based on my vague recollections of an early build so presumably it’s all subject to change. I have no idea when 1.0.8 will be released but my guess is NOT SOON. As I said to Sirrian as he showed me this stuff, I’m glad I’m not the one who’ll be trying to balance all the cool new abilities and stat boosts. :smiley:

Given souls are not as valuable in 1.0.7, what I saw suggests that holding on to troops rather than disenchanting them is a good idea. Also, glory will be more useful, but also easier to generate, so I’m undecided whether to save up glory or not.

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Note to self, save up all extra troops.
Second note to self, save up plenty of keys while also using plenty to collect extra troops.
Third note to self, get hyped!

Thanks for low-down, I’ve personally enjoyed the update to 1.0.7 in it’s near entirety. While I am a concerned about the multiples of legends getting boosts, I’m still under lvl 200 so I’m not getting 3+ webspinner teams or anything yet. Any possible fixes for said issue will likely already be done by the time it’s of my concern, meaning 1.0.7 will be awesome all the way through for me!

So what game changing stuff are you seeing? Leveling-up troops already is in the game.

Like is said in the OP’s post, troops don’t just gain levels, but also rarity by combining of troop multiples.
A new crafting system also allows all troops to gain up to 3 passive abilities as well.

With these two particular systems in place, any troop could eventually become viable.
Combine all this with the bonus system and variety is bound to skyrocket like a goblin that just discovered engineering!

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I didn’t post it, not guilty if this is still top secret!

I noticed this stuff as well. Makes me a tad annoyed that I burned through all my more-than-four legendary copies. Well, they’ll come back, probably.

Not sure if that’d even work considering legendary is the highest rarity, and the extras are used to increase said rarity.

Maybe I’m misreading or uninformed of how far the system goes, but it sound like you didn’t miss out on anything by throwing away your extras. :yum:

So what should I consider a passive ability?

I specifically asked Sirrian if I could blab on the forums about this, and he didn’t say no. :smile:

That reminds me - there’s apparently a rarity above Legendary, called Mythic. I didn’t see it though, so I can’t say what colour the cards would be.

I only saw one card’s ability list, and I don’t remember the exact wording of the ones I saw (maybe someone else who was at PAX can clarify?). Anyway, my understanding is that abilities could be any new bonus, like “Adds Poison on a successful attack” or “One bonus mana point when matching Purple”.


I’ve a question for this then, when you upgrade the rarity for a troop, does it alter all respective troops to become the same rarity, or just 1?

Upgrading the rarity will make all copies of that troop better - gaining a small stats increment.

Mythic cards are the 5 star ones - must be the turquoise design I see on some high level heroes.

@Sirrian to confirm?

Alright, so with my understanding it goes like this:

Common Troop x 5 extras = Mystic (9+ Total before 1.0.8 for 4 Mystics)
Rare Troop x 4 extras = Mystic (8+ Total before 1.0.8 for 4 Mystics)
Ultra Rare Troop x 3 extras = Mystic (7+ Total before 1.0.8 for 4 Mystics)
Epic Troop x 2 extras = Mystic (6+ Total before 1.0.8 for 4 Mystics)
Legendary Troop x 1 extra = Mystic (5+ Total before 1.0.8 for 4 Mystics)

Unless the troop combining doesn’t take just 1 extra troop to perform, this should be correct.
Though I wouldn’t be surprised if I was wrong, I wasn’t there obviously. :stuck_out_tongue:



Oh man I bloody well hope it doesnt take more than 1 to combine. If this turns into one of those games with tons of tiers and you need to have 2 of the same tier to make the tier above, that would ruin this game turning it instantly into a p2w scenario where only the whales have the highest tier units. Thats scary man.

I share your concern, but pretty sure the devs won’t let it go (far) that way…

Is it possible for once that players don’t immediately start thinking of the worst when seeing something new? Just once? Just look at some new ideas and think “that looks cool, I wonder how it’s going to be implemented, and I’m pretty sure the devs will have tested it and will do something nice with it” rather than “that looks cool, I wonder how they’re going to screw it up and make it all horrible and awful and terrifying and unplayable”. Pretty please?


Point to you @Archenassa , I shouldn’t have focused directly on the possible negatives right away!

The 3 unlockable passives for each unit sounds really cool, I wonder how it will be implemented, it would be interesting to see if each unit could only unlocked one that would add quite a bit of variety to eat peoples units and would be pretty interesting.

There are other resources that you get from I don’t know what but presumably gameplay or periodic rewards (maybe maps too). You use them on a troop and get a little bonus passive ability for them. Repeat another two times.

I had a quick browse at PAX and some are repeated, but they’re all neat. There are specific ones that are probably unique to their troops (such as Atlanta’s that I’m totally not going to spoil now, he said evilly).

@actreal thank-you so much!

I’m really excited, enough to stick around till 1.08!

Any news on guild wars?

LOL. Word.

@Nimhain & @CrowdedWorlds, did you see an increase in the number of players?