Patches and development

Hi Devs!

I hope I put this topic in a good category.
I wonder how fast can you submit a bugfix to all platforms?
As a developer (web) after I finished the coding and tested locally, I submit to git then deploy it to test server, test again, then request a review from the boss and the client.
After that if all ok with the bugfix, I deploy it to the production server.
If the bug is small then it takes just hours or less, if its bigger then few days, or its huge, then it takes more time.

So I’m just curious, what is your workflow in this case?
I know game development is way more different than web development, that is why I started the topic.

The devs are hamstrung by Console releases. For anything that requires a client-side change, they need to go through an app update cycle, which is relatively painless for Steam, somewhat more painful for Mobile platforms, and a lot more painful for PlayStation and Xbox. Both Sony and MS require their apps to go through certification for each release, which is time-consuming and error-prone. One of the Chat-related patches was delayed several times for Console as MS had privacy concerns, for example.

In short, it’s nothing like turnkey web app development, which can be frustrating to say the least. There’s nothing worse than having a change all ready to go but having to sit on your haunches waiting for a finicky and (some would say) arbitrary release gate.