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Error or.....(less than 10)

Was 4.0 ready for Android on August 15 and we had to wait for the other clients to approve it?
Pulled straight from the Google play store.

I don’t believe whether it was ready or not is relevant or valid in any way. :slight_smile:

We always aim to release updates at the same time across all platforms, as we believe this is the fairest and best way to do so. Due to that, there isn’t any value in speculating on whether the update was available earlier for one platform than another, as it simply doesn’t matter. :sunflower:


There was a bug that only affected Android users (such as myself). The fix for this bug that caused my Invasion, Raids, and GW matches to crash and therefore count as a loss was held onto (possibly). So that we could all Delve at the same time.

If a bug only effects certain platforms and not others. I think it’s MORE than fair. That they get the patch before anyone else.

If we knew about a major bug affecting a specific platform we would endeavour to fix it before release. We would do this for any platform. :slight_smile:

If a platform needs updating after a release, we will do so as quickly as we can. To reiterate, we don’t purposefully release platform specific bugs with releases, and will always fix them to the best of our abilities if one pops up.

We will always release out updates across all platforms at the same time, as we believe it to be the best and fairest way to release updates. Thank you for your time, everyone!