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Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy! Dev Dev Dev! (The office is filling up!)

Some of you may have already noticed this, but the always helpful @Ozball has received a new icon next to his profile picture. It might even be a gem… :smirk:

I would like you all to welcome Ozball to the team at Infinity+2! We are all very excited to have the opportunity to bring him aboard. (Feel free to ping him as freely as you ping me. :stuck_out_tongue: )


Congrats Oz!


Congrats Ozball

So what’s Ozball’s official title? Deputy Ninja? :stuck_out_tongue:

@actreal Office mascot? Office companion animal?


Well done, pal. You made it all the way! :smiley:

So what will his new job?

Congratulations @Ozball :slight_smile: .

EDIT: that also means that we don’t have any mods aside the devs :stuck_out_tongue: .

Fun has now become work, and not the other way around lol


@Ozball Congrats dude

@turintuor, @actreal how about this as official title: PING Pong?


Hehehe… Looks like my predictive powers are seeping thru

Congratulations @Ozball you deserve it brudda!

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I think he really deserve a cool name and not a funny one. Because he’s a fanboy of this game who finally succeed to get hired by the devs :slight_smile: .

“Born as a player, will die as a dev” is the best that I find :stuck_out_tongue: .

rip inbox @Ozball


Less a title man more of an epitaph. :thinking: Oz is a funny, good-natured sport; why not a funny title? Keep thinking. . .
Congrats again, @Ozball.

Congrats @Ozball!

Have fun with all the @Ozball tags you’re going to get now.

Perhaps 1 more @Ozball to make sure he reads this thread. Wouldn’t want him to miss this thread after all.

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Wait… so do you get paid for this?

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Did someone say @Ozball? Congrats on the job!

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Wonderful news! Congrats, @Ozball!

Given the number of GoW-related emails he will now receive on a daily basis, I certainly hope so.