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Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy! Dev Dev Dev! (The office is filling up!)

Grats @Ozball

Gizmo wishes you large success. Gizmo also has to inform you that as the newest dev that you are now officially on Gizmo duty which includes but not limited to:

  1. Giving Gizmo cookies daily
  2. Giving Gizmo cookies upon request
  3. Listening to Gizmo’s stories and no matter how bad or drawn out you must act interested and educated by Gizmo’s fascinating tales.
  4. Gizmo gets Priority over Gizmo when Gizmo multiplies.

Gizmo welcomes you to your hazing period. Grats!!!


Nice one. He’s THE man.

Just to confirm, Ozball is employed by us. Which means we give him cash monies in exchange for him being our office mascot.


@Salty, Gizmo would be a mascot if Gizmo did not have stupid trademark infringement issues… Gizmo likes Ozball and Gizmo looks forward to bugging Ozball on occasion.

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Congrats @Ozball or my condolences (The mascot part :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Congratulations, @Ozball :slight_smile:

Congrats @Ozball !

Just want to throw in one more @Ozball

Congrats @Ozball. Nice one. Well done the Devs!

Thanks all!

So this is what it’s like to get dev-level amounts of notifications :stuck_out_tongue: Though it’s worth pointing out that multiple tags in a single post don’t ping me more than once :wink:

Also the Mascot part is still in discussion… I’m trying to put a time limit on it, like only before lunch or something, but @Saltypatra won’t let me :cry:


Betcha have to fetch coffee, too.:coffee:️:coffee:️:coffee:️:coffee:️:coffee:️:smile:

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@Ozball, get me a coffee!

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:coffee: :coffee: :coffee:



I know where your desk is. I don’t recommend angering me. I am the office troll.


Gratz Ozball - Match Masters sends you celebratory star jumps and a Mexican wave :tada::confetti_ball::balloon::boom:


Congrats @ozball :+1:

Any news on a moderator from Europe and the USA?

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Not as of yet, I haven’t found the perfect person.

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Congrats @Ozball