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Our gold is being robbed

I have never received any gold won from any dungeon games and neither has anyone else for that matter. It can be duplicated. I put the issue in global chat and someone else has confirmed that they don’t receive the gold either. I dumped all of my gold into my guild so I have a 0 balance. I go play a dungeon game, I can play all three or just one. I see that I won Gold during the match after playing the dungeon. After I collect all of the prizes and back out of the menu I look at the top and my gold is zero. I have yet to see collected gold after playing the dungeon.


I can confirm that for PC as well. It used to give out a small amount, I believe (like 70 Gold or something) but then stopped completely. Unless I’m mistaken, but I’m pretty sure it was that way.

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I reported this back in September. It’s such a small amount of gold that it gets a lower priority than certain other bugs (Impervious being broken, ally/enemy targeting being nullified, etc.).


@Sirrian @Saltypatra @Ozball Is this a known issue? I wonder if it effects the other rewards collected in the dungeons?

As far as I know, it doesn’t affect other rewards. Souls incremented normally. I really don’t care about treasure maps or minor traitstones enough to check after the battle.

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