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Owl be watching you!

New Troop: Strygik

It’s a little known fact that owls really aren’t very bright. They might LOOK smart, but that’s mainly because of their large eyes. When it comes to their walnut-sized brains, once you remove the bits that are really really good at hunting, it turns out not very much is going on in there at all.

Strygik is no exception. Good at hunting. Bad at life. He’s been content to work for many years as a bounty hunter, travelling as far afield as Adana and Sword’s Edge. Of course, he really can’t remember most of that… he just really knows he chased stuff, he caught stuff, and people gave him shiny things that helped him get delicious food.

It’s probably quite pleasant being Strygik.

Please note this Event is on the the XBox One, PS4, PC and Mobile versions of the game.

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First hahhaaaa


I don’t see where i can use him he will probably join the other troop with 2 inches of dust




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Just repeat what I said in the spoiler topic:

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I think it (it? he? did I just assume it’s gender?) has a nice armour/damage balance; as a knight would. Seems like a good all-rounder. :slight_smile:

I’m not a game designer but that sounds like a nice idea.

Look at his moustache! It’s clearly a he :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have so been looking forward to this troop! Well, okay, mostly I want him for his Arcane Storms. 2 for 400 YES.

Females can have must-dashes too


Event keys for suncrest then?

What’s the boost ratio on this guy? Seems like he could be crazy strong early game.

Don’t see much use late game though.


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This is true, I’ve seen a few.

Yay… new… oh whatever…

Aw, stop complaining, guys - I rather have him than another devour or instant-death troop! Yeah, he’s not that useful - would be different if he would have the storm trigger on enemy death like Erinyes has - but still. Every non-devour, non-deathmark, non-lethal troop is a win in my books.

Also I really like Suncrest - both in lore and in troop design - and am glad to see it get more troops.


Absolutely bang on.
End game folks, myself included, might not be using him for anything other than daily tasks etc but I’m sure he’ll fit in with some folk’s plans. Not every troop has to be meta. Musketeer will be the new meta one day, you’ll see!


I agree. And also every troop has its uses.
I thought at first that Erinyes - who was also named by everyone to be useless - would absolutely suck. I don’t want summoned Quasits. But by now, she has a fixed spot in my explore team, together with Asha, Dragotaur and TDS. Her summoned storm basically guaratees me endless loops with TDS as soon as the first enemy dies and if Asha doesn’t get TDS full soon enough because of a lack of blue, Erinyes can help with her skill. I think that she’s awesome.

Right now it might seem that Strygik sucks - split damage is pretty much horrible, after all - and the hero can just use the corresponding soulforge staff if we want Lightstorm-upon-spellcast with single-target damage (which is usually preferred to random one). But the thing is that I can imagine that if Strygik casts and then an exploder does the rest while the Lightstorm is on, Strygik will be able to do decent damage. He’s no Yasmine’s Chosen, but in combination with an exploder, he can both work as a fuelling machine for a main damager needing yellow and as a secondary damage dealer.

Yeah, it’s rough and there’s much easier ways to accomplish the same thing better, but still…he’s not as crappy as people claim he is right now.


For end game players, part of the problem is likely that the pvp environment / meta is no place to trial new team designs and new troops. Anything experimental or unusual or sub-optimal is likely to get wiped very quickly by end game pvp opponents.

Hence lack of enthusiasm for Strugglix here. If I tried builds using him I think I wouldn’t be getting enough turns to actually use him.


I’m honestly not sure if I’m an “endgame player” yet… I have a few mythics and almost all kingdoms at five or more stars. But I know I hate PVP and do it as little as possible and that won’t change, no matter how many mythics I will have. For me, explore is the core of the game - it’s nice and relaxing. Just because something is not fit for PVP doesn’t mean that it has no uses in other game modes.

And you should also never forget that some people just play with troops they like. Birds and owls are super-popular, so there might be quite a few people who use Strygik just because owls are their thing. I personally drag Ysabelle into almost every battle in PVP as well just because I like her. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to try things and test teams, just do higher difficulty explore or something?

I mean, if all you do is PVP, I totally get your point. I’m just always confused how many people complain about PVP but still only seem to do exactly that. I make the same amount of gold in explore because explore is fast and I don’t need to think about my moves…

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It could be. But they also chance that you have some yellow 4-matches after the explosion:

  • take it and you will reduce his damage,
  • not take it and free mana for the IA.

As you said Hero + the Yellow Staff weapon is better as you can give nice class to the Hero for noce 3rd traits… Or any lightstorm casters…