Orb of growth its a slap to the face


@Slypenslyde had a lovely idea. I would happily spend a sigil and watch a 15-second ad to take an automatic loss and get credit for half the life+armor of the current Zuul’Goth. At high levels I resent the time spent on each battle, but I still feel obligated to particpate because of my guild members.


Or just find a guild that doesn’t require the events…


Things are not that easy, most of us that are on top guilds stay there because we got 40k seals and LTs and good odds on GW.


We don’t. It’s a personal thing; I feel like I could be doing more, even though I don’t have to.


Guild requirements for these events are weird because the game hides data (like “number of sigils spent”) that is useful for tracking it. The devs asked for feedback about what they could do to improve it, then never spoke about it again. (Any news on that, @Cyrup, @Saltypatra?)

So a person who got to boss level 90 with 400 points could be a low-level newbie who tried really hard and spent 500 sigils with a ton of losses, or they could be some high-level deadbeat who slapped a team together and ground out 0 tiers worth of sigils with no concern for strategy. You sort of have to feel your way through it, ask the high performers what they spent and how they did, then pick a watermark that “looks like” what the requirements should’ve accomplished.

That said, I fight really hard to try and be in my guild’s top 10 every week. I got my ass kicked this week, with more losses than any other event I’ve played. It’s demoralizing to be at this phase of the game, have people depend on you, and fail so hard.


Yeah see, I just don’t do any of the events. I donate extra gold to compensate and my guild is happy with that. If people are putting themselves into a position to feel stressed for this game they are probably not playing it correctly.

This is supposed to be fun, not work.


No news on this, sorry :frowning: A change like this requires a bit of time as the dev team likely need to consider how much information can be surfaced (there might be some privacy restrictions with certain platforms, for example) and how much room there actually is to show it, or how best to do so.


I have enough Orb of Growth to craft Zul’. Yeah!
Still lacking other Orbs… :roll_eyes:


Wisdom orbs can actually be useful I’m never planning on getting Zuul so I use an orb on new mythics to save on some arcanes so I don’t have to grind explore all the time. They are also the best orb for lower level players on my other account I use those orbs to trait useful troops like Krystenax so I can spend my time exploring for traitstones to get kingdom stars.


To the original topic: If Orbs of Growth could be used to give a Hero class 1 champion level, or 10/20 for majors, they’d still be useful and in demand without unbalancing the power curve.


But… that would also make new Class event less useful, which defeat the point of having it in the first place.

So there is low chance for Orb of Growth to have function involved with Champion level.