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Only for the richest

Hmmmm… xD



Now THAT’s Pay-to-Win. :wink:

It’s just a visual thing, it’s been reported before.:wink:
But heck, if it were true, you’d get 0,05 VIP points per dollar. That’s a steal!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Its been discounted 75%, so its a real bargain!

Dearest devs,

It’s got to be embarrassing that you keep forgetting if the values you use to represent money are dollars or cents. Even more embarrassing that instead of standardizing on one, you chose to use both and keep mixing them up. For the low cost of one set of Deathknight Armor, I can provide a C# class that will make sure you never make this error again. This is much more reasonable than my normal consulting rate. 14 years of C# experience isn’t cheap.


I bought two of each…


Let us know what your credit card bill looks like :wink:

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Sheesh, you mean you guys can afford to spend $20k on a game? How would games Developers hope to survive?