Official Mean Machine / Angry Sprockets Guild Chat (All Friends Welcome)


Wonder will I get you once again :smiley:


Two weeks ago, we got to celebrate @DonBoba’s milestone of reaching Level 777.

Today we can welcome @Widgetmaker to the hallowed ranks of Level 1000!

(I hope your unicorns can handle the beer…)

In honour of this momentous occasion, for your delectation and delight I offer another episode of Random Improbable Coincidence :tm:.

So here’s a screenshot of Widget shortly before reaching Level 1000 yesterday:

Notice he’s recorded 26 battles at that point, and his longest win streak is 404. Got that? :relaxed:

Next, I wandered over to my Seals menu and took a screenshot. It was 1:11am PST. I had (quite randomly) also completed 26 battles at the time:

So then I clicked on the “Claim All” button and saw THIS result:

Hmmm. I really don’t know what to make of this…

I’ll officially blame the profusion of statisticians, and students of statisticians in our guild, for these whacky numeric results. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyhoo, congratulations again Widgetmaker!
Hope you get a birthday unicorn.


Oh my god it’s the Apocalypse!


Congrats to our brother WIDGET!!!


To start up conversation…

Ya think it’s worth doing the whole SilverMaiden build to hit the 2x traitstone? Wnna hear your thoughts.



Queen Mab



To be honest, rearranging my PvP team to shoehorn in SilverMaiden this week has, ironically, made my games much faster. Go figure.


I’m using her. Figured I don’t mind 10-20 sec longer match for a chance of a double arcane or runic :slight_smile:
And I did get a few double runics :slight_smile:


Just thought I would drop in for a moment and welcome @RiverSong here on the forums as well! Excited to have you be a part of this amazing guild!

Also I am loving all of these milestones… my own lvl 1000 is getting ever closer… Can’t wait to celebrate with all my Meanies when the time comes! :wink:


Congrats and Welcome to RiverSong!

I just hit level 700 this morning. The battle continues for lvl 1,000.


Wait, @RiverSong is part of MM now? You guys are beefing up. I better go earn some more trophies! :wink:


You can do it! Take them ALL on.


Thanks for the welcome!


I figured this team would be best. I’ve been using it for a day or so now. Jus didn’t know if others think it wasn’t worth the extra time for possible double traits. Which @DonBoba states he does in his comment above.


The annoying thing is that I’m now getting very VERY few Runics from my PvP sessions. Already I never got more than 1 or 2 random Arcanes from PvPing a week, and sometimes even less, but seeing this sharp decrease in Runic drops is discomforting. Yellow Runics, of all things, have become rare in my gameplay these days.


I would admit yes it’s rare but I have had approx 5 runics and 3 arcades sonfar this week. And I think I’ve played about 80 matches thus far. Work been super busy.


Ugh, server issues (again).

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Check my topic with the title “picture of the day” :wink:


Here’s a link for those of you too lazy to look for it!


Is anyone able to log in? I’ve been able to get on maybe twice, but when I try to play a PvP battle, it always hangs at the rewards screen. Once afterwards I was able to login & check to see that I’d gotten the rewards, but yeesh. I don’t ever recall it being this bad before.

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