Official Mean Machine / Angry Sprockets Guild Chat (All Friends Welcome)


No and I’ve about had it with these Monday issues. My patience is beyond frayed.


It’s really bad. I’m getting constant timeout issues so I’ve stopped playing for a bit


I get that lots of folks want to hammer the leaderboards to get & stay on top, but it’s particularly hard for those of us who have their best time slot in the week on Mondays. I used to get to tier 1 & most of seals on Mondays. Haven’t been able to do that for awhile now. /sigh


Yeah, it is getting out of hand. I am just not playing. And the worst thing that can happen is players getting into the habit of NOT playing…

Just sayin’… :wink:


My official reset date is Tuesdays lol


Hooo boy! I got 2 more PvP battles. Well, 1 before the game hung. Hoping the other will count. /sigh

See you all in a few days. The game is meant to be a release & distraction from the frustrations of everyday life. If I’m going to be frustrated anyway, I may as well be productive.

Like efh313, I hope this doesn’t become a thing.


Me to, because not only it has been repeating, they still cant fix it fast when it happens. Today its been like this for so long that its crazy.


I don’t have the energy to organize it but I wonder if things would change if a bunch of us top 30 & higher guilds just didn’t play for a week or two. Would they even notice?


They would. But no one would agree to that xD
I mean i dont think they dont want to resolve the issue. It just seems they arent trying their hardest (or it wouldnt be happening this often, and lasting for so long).


Okay, so I finally get to log on & see Nimhain in the global chat saying they think the issue is fixed (for now). So I PvP for a bit. You know, 5 or 6 battles, and I notice that my home kingdom is blinking at me. So I click it and… yeah, you guessed it, server error. Give an hour playing another game I bought today. Come back and… still nothing doing.

What the hell? Give me a “We’re full, but you’re in queue & 2307th in line. Expected wait time, 37 minutes”. I can handle that. But I’ve blown a fair amount of money on the game, and I’d kind of like it to not piss me off.


I literally was able to only do one match. Terrible servers. How do they want increase in players but not have the servers in place to withstand it. Secs are losing touch and may be overseeing certain aspects. Great game but it isn’t so great with many many delays. Might as well not play til Tuesdays Bcuz delays on resets cause havok.


I’ve always wondered this, but it that your Lamborghini in your profile pic, man?


You rlly think I’d be playing this game if it was lol I walked by it and snapped the pic.


You never know! People with money play games as well, ha ha.

It’s a nice car for sure, just a shame it’s not a Ferrari F40 instead :smirk:


I would still be playing this game if someone gave me that car, that wouldnt be a problem. Maybe if someone offers me that car in excange for my account, i would stop playing probably :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll let you know if I ever see a classified advert in the “swap” section that says “Would like to trade my Lamborghini for a gems of war account. Must have 4+ Draakulis.”


I am feeling sad without my likes… they are still 33 minutes away. :cry:


You can add 100+ mythic incubus to that xD


Ok so now I’m confused. I just tried to like a post and it told me I’m at my maximum wait another hour… do you not get a bulk reset after the 14 hour wait period??

How did 33 minutes become an hour??



I’d prolli own the game lol and buy new servers so we’d never have this problem on resets :joy: