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Official Mean Machine / Angry Sprockets Guild Chat (All Friends Welcome)

With the in-game chat being consistently inconsistent, I thought it would be nice to have a forum thread for our guild. I know we have the discord chat, and please continue to use that, but this can be one more outlet for the Mean Machine to communicate and have fun.

Enjoy the Thread! :wink:

Minimal Requirements will be:
• 200 trophies
• 1300 seals
• 400k gold.

We also have a sister guild, Angry Sprockets, where players get to participate in a highly active guild, while also fighting for top honors and promotion into Mean Machine, when spots become available.

Mean Machine continues to bring Top Tier Guild Experiences to Members of ALL Playstyles!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to message here or PM @mavado454 or @efh313

Happy Hunting MM! :wink:

Disclaimer: All requirements are subject to change at the discretion of @mavado454


and i’ll be your first guess here…

Hello! :slight_smile:

Welcome @ZooKeeper!
Don’t take anything… I’m watching you! :wink:

Sending the call out to
@DonBoba @HKdirewolf @NYCUrbanity

If you know of other guildmates forum names, tag them and bring them into the fold.

Don’t worry, I’m more like a keeper than a taker. :wink:

Plenty others here too @Dddd @Theicla @Theina @DemonInstinct @kanevan @kynetarse @Nanoha @Demetrius @JunzPW @Norianya

@philgonzal @Soren_Kel @alebenja @Blazena @kedran
I think I didn’t miss anyone?

I think you got them all…


This is better. I don’t use discord so…

Thanks for inviting everybody @DonBoba!!

Thanks for the invites @DonBoba (Yes, Oh omnipotent authority figure!) :blush:

I have some trouble using Discord so forum chat iz gud yah.

Incidentally, something I discovered that we should advertise about Gems’ flakey in-game chat:

FYI If you must say something important and DON’T want it to be erased randomly, make sure you state it in the first line of your text.. Your initial dialogue line in that session tends to persist; everything afterwards almost always disappears. Just a small workaround that might be useful in the short term. :slight_smile:

Guild chat is driving me mad so I’m glad we’ve got this sorted.

Are we all set for next week? Think we’ve got enough saved up Don? Have you got an estimate of how many LTs we will pull off?

Sorry @Widgetmaker but when I first taged people I’d didn’t want to show your name. I was sure you are here and when it didn’t want to show up in thought I got confused :open_mouth:

As for legendary tasks, yeah we are doing them next week.
I think we should get something between 5-10 of them depending on the activity :slight_smile:

We are only missing @MakoSipper here now

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Up to 32 in the league for now :grin:

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It’s like you’ve read my mind, yesterday I came in and almost said hi… I was wondering if you guys had given up on discord.

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Isn’t this open to public eyes tho.
As far as forum…

Well I can only go to discord on Saturday and Sunday, and we managed to do all the coordination using the guild chat (that’s currently buggy there for opening this up for any important announcement), so we aren’t using discord much, but using guild chat quite intense.
We did manage to get 40k seals every single week so coordination with guild chat has been enough until it got bugged xD