Official Mean Machine / Angry Sprockets Guild Chat (All Friends Welcome)


I kinda alrdy blew my load lmfao


Ok, Im gonna go ahead and spend what I have now, no event keys, Ill wait for next week.
Status so far:
1- Princess… Brat

1100 gold Keys:
10- Silver Dracons
3- Elven Bards (Yeah!)
1- Swordmaster

200 glory keys:
2- Unicorns

That gives me everything but the Glory Epic and the Legendary. I am content for now. :wink:

All Silverglade Challenges complete to 5* too! :wink:


Thank you ! And thank to the 2k keys saved ahah :slight_smile:


I’ve got 4/7, missing 1 common, 1 rare and 1 legendary.
I have 401 event keys waiting to be spent next week :slight_smile:
Finished the quest line and all challenges.


I can’t wait for them to be boosted next week to test out tons of teams with them :smiley:
But event will be:
+25 silverglade
+25 elf


I might even find another draak because why not! Been more then a month without any mythics.


I jus realized I have all 7 lol




Okay let me login to GoW here and check who has been beating my defense…:astonished::scream:



@DonBoba be like…


It was me visiting a friend, not attacking an opponent :slight_smile:
@HKdirewolf go get that sweet double revenge gold 4 glacial peaks are waiting for you :slight_smile:


So I ah…paid you a visit today too…


So this just happened:



How did that happen and can I have a spare draak???



I fought you yesterday. Thought it would have shown up before now.

Sometimes it can take 24 hours before the system recognizes guild member changes.


Hope you won’t mind me getting that revenge :slight_smile:


Not at all.


Then this happened: