Official Mean Machine / Angry Sprockets Guild Chat (All Friends Welcome)


How about that, huh?


Daaaamn nice :smiley:
I never stockpile mine, but I know I earn about 10k a week, so you got there my whole week of saving :smiley:


I still need to reach 12k to buy 40 more Minogors… All the way to Epic!


Good luck :slight_smile:
I’ll race you there, tho I only bought 2 of him so far :joy:


You mean you bought ONE of him? So did I! That’s why I need 40 more hehehe


I bought 2, I’m already in the lead :stuck_out_tongue:


But I have the glory to buy about 38-39… I haven’t even claimed the guild task rewards =)


Done! Only about 150 glory left now T_T


Ok ok, you beat me :stuck_out_tongue:
I only got to third xD


Buying six of Minogor to epic-size him increased his Attack a bit for me. Now to figure out an adequate PvP team for him so that we’re not limited to doing 1-trophy fights again this week… :confounded:


He doesn’t really fit into any of my teams. I’ve used Ragnagord, minogor, sunweaver and faunessa (with red/green banner) with relative success but wouldn’t take that team out against any of the big boys


@Dddd That’s very similar to the team Im using.

Ragnagord/Sunweaver/Bone Dragon/Minogor

I have had good success on easy and medium PvP opponents, generally I will switch back to my Gard’s team for a juicy hard opponent. :wink:


Great minds and all that @efh313!

I really like event boosted Ragnagord, nothing like an exploder with the fast trait to get your team going! I stuck Faunessa in there as she’s boosted, I used to use her a lot when I was below level 100 so it also feels a bit nostalgic to wheel her out again. Bone dragon or black manacles are a much better choice though.


Yeah BD provides a reliable kill switch to speed up the match. I generally use Sunweaver to boost Rag in top slot first and then he’s running around with an attack of 59!! :wink:


How is MM finding the new kingdom? Any gathering the new troops?


I got distracted playing Undertale! And forgot about the new kingdom!!! :scream:
I am questing as we speak to unlock my Epic. But I will probably wait until Monday to do a big key unload of Event keys to get those kingdom troops!! :wink:


@kanevan got the new legendary dragon! The rest of us will have to wait until next week…


Yeah I’ve got 4/7 so far. Going to try to get the rest from event chests too. Congrats Kanevan!!


So ALL kingdom troops are already in chests???


Except 1. The epic which will be for glory next week. With spirit arcanes. Blue/purple. Again. lol