[Not a bug] Yet again Natura's Star not in Soulforge

My last post got ignored so here’s another one for this week for you devs…


Hi Fleg,

We sought further information from the Dev team about this last week and found that this is working as intended. I think we probably missed answering as we received the answer late on Friday so I’m sorry about the delay in communicating this.

Because Natura’s Star is a new Weapon it won’t appear in the Soulforge for a few weeks.
Normally, we don’t encounter situations where we’d expect a new Weapon to be in the Soulforge so soon after the Weapon is released because it’s unusual to have the same Kingdom be the weekly event Kingdom 3 times in such a short period. But it usually takes a few weeks for things to be added to the Soulforge.

The information I have is that it won’t be in the Soulforge until after this current Campaign has ended.


So 36-72 weeks from end of campaign??? Based on a kingdom a week and Nexus possibly being the last kingdom in the next rotation

wow, another rule change just to get more money


This sort of contradicts how troops work. The initial kingdom troops were available in event chests right away, there’s some expectation that the initial kingdom weapons should also be in the Soulforge right away. Besides, it’s now four weeks after the first kingdom event, so Natura’s Star should have shown up this week. Any chance this weapon got flagged as Royal Pass exclusive by accident, causing it to show up much later?


Y’all designed it that way. And multiple bugs were caused due to that untested choice. Yet this actual bug is a “feature” because :moneybag:. Duh.


Not that I’m agreeing with the devs on this matter, but there seems to be some consistency in that weapons aren’t in the Soulforge until some time after the campaign in which it is released.

I posted this back in May:

and it was replied to that devs had said this in the past.

Its not a campaign weapon. Its one of those scam kingdom weapons they sell to new players for $10.

Every single one that has been released so far has been available in the forge for 75 diamonds and some other mats the week it was released. This one was not.

The campaign weapon is Wild Orb.


True it’s not a campaign weapon, but I don’t think the issue is a ‘campaign weapon’ issue. Black Mane’s Claw was an Invasion weapon. I think the system is coded so that ‘any released weapon’ during a campaign will not be in the SF until after the campaign has ended.

This said, I didn’t code the game and can’t confirm. Just my suspicion. Also, as mention, I definitely don’t agree with this manner of behavior. I just wanted to point out, the theme is consistent.


shrug Wasn’t a problem when they added the OTHER 34 epic ‘remove all [colour] gems’ weapons during campaigns over the past year.


Hey, I can only :man_shrugging: right back at cha. Sucks for sure, especially since this weapon is otherwise, paywalled. But I’ve accepted the situation for what it is, based on my own experience back in May.

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Eh, thanks for the reply Kafka.

Not what a collector likes to hear but it is real nice to hear confirmation that they know it should be in the SoulForge. We’ll get it eventually. :roll_eyes:

This game has many problems but this ain’t a big one, for sure.