Natura's Star not in Soulforge

And we all know it should be. It’s Nexus week so its weapons should be in soulforge.


Natura’s Star was offered for real money at the beginning of the Nexus questline. I had not realised there would not be a “final chance to buy” at the end and posted a comment on the Nexus kingdom thread here.

Two days later it appeared as a flash offer for me.

I am pretty sure that paid for weapons don’t appear in the Forge.


This was requested by the players, remember?


I think they tried that foolish nonsense when they scammed people with the AW bait and switch.

They changed it awhile back (sorry, can’t be arsed to find it right now) so that the Kingdom Epic weapons do show up in SoulForge, but only during their event week.

They ALSO still sell these Epic weapons as flash offers, so that people may get them ahead of the event week schedule.

Since it is not showing up now, it may be a 3-4 week thing like new Mythics/Tarot cards. That should be enough time for them to trick people into buy it. The next Nexus week is Dec 13 so we’ll see.


It’s also Nexus week 2 weeks from now too. Maybe hold off a bit and wait till then at the very least

Then how do you explain literally every single other noob-trap weapon being craftable, as outlined here (with a citation — you can see this is the “working as intended” from the official patch notes when the thing released, too, and the only grumblings were that it was a bit of a jewel/gem sink):

It’s because you’ve outlined a sentence that does not pertain to these weapons. They are neither

  1. obtained for beating a questline (elsewise EVERYONE with Nexus done would be mailed the weapon, as with War and Peace)


  1. awarded for gem mastery, as Mang et al

That post was from 2 and a half years ago and the part you underlined doesn’t apply to Natura’s Star anyway.


Well I am happy to just wait and see.
Time will tell.
I’ll check back with you in another 2.5 years :rofl::rofl:

Thanks for grabbing that, Magnusimus.

I remember this change very well because it was back when I was still buying weapons for $5 USD. My progress on collecting all weapons was sped up because I no longer had to wait for the event week :stuck_out_tongue:

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3rd time in 3 weeks I have this offer.

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