[Not a Bug] Tower of Doom boons

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Windows 8, PC, Steam

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I have completed all rooms through six floors of the tower and the boons total is listed as 18. If there are 4 rooms per level not including the boss, shouldn’t the total be more than 18?

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Just a problem today so far.

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Play the tower

Not a bug.

So depending on what your floors were. Not every room is considered a boon.
That being said the explanation is missing Power Scrolls which count as 4 boons each. Therefore the present description can be misleading.

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Yeah, let’s math it out, what you are seeing is right but what awryan is saying is also right.

6 rooms means 24 floors, since the boss room doesn’t really drop a boon.

6 of those floors are the Unlock Scroll, which is not a Boon.

That leaves 18 floors, so you got a boon for every completed room.

But not all scrolls are boons. I’d argue encountering only boons for the first 6 floors is pretty cruddy. You could’ve got a Haste Scroll or various other things that are better than boons.

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No he probably didn’t.
Luck, fireball, heroism, and haste do not count as boons.

Well, we can nitpick over semantics, but it’s still true he has an identical number of floors completed and boons rewarded.

Statistically speaking it is improbable but possible every room was a boon. The argument as to whether this counts as “a boon per completed room” isn’t very productive because there is no math that supports a different argument. There are 18 boons, if you put them over 18 rooms that is 1 boon per room.

My God man take the L…
Without playing the floors ourselves there’s no way to know for sure how many rooms were boons.
Power Scrolls are worth 4 boons.
As bugged as the game can be.
I’m gonna side with what the game says in this case and not what over thinking it can possibly offer.

Still… Not…a…bug.

Having just completed floor 6 I am 100% confident that ToD is working as intended.
Please change the title to “solved”. But if you want to wait until the Devs confirm it then you have that right.

I never said it was a bug. To clarify for OP:

  • Expecting 24 boons from 6 floors wouldn’t be right if you expect 1 boon per completed room.
  • Expecting 18 is right if you think it’s true, because 6 of the rooms must be unlock scrolls.
  • But awryan’s first post, which I referenced, is right: you don’t really get a boon every time you defeat a room. You get some number of boons that might be 0, 1, or 4.

So in theory a lot of values between 0 boons and 72 boons are possible over 6 floors. On average it seems more likely to expect slightly fewer than 1 boon per floor completed, awryan’s most recent post is a demonstration of that.

But it can look otherwise because if you average up your boons, there are a lot of ways to say “I’ve finished n rooms and have n boons.” Mathematically speaking that means you averaged “1 boon per room”, even though in reality you had some strings of 0 boons and some rooms with 4.

In short, check out the game’s support to know what each scroll does. There are a lot of moving parts in Tower of Doom, so it’s worth reading up:

Doesn’t power count as a single boon?

Like it adds +1 to each guild skill, but counts as a single boon in the individual count.

It should count as 4 boons since it gives 4 boons.

Yea it does, doublechecked now via our tower layout map on discord. Have 29 boons in the ingame ranking, but I counted 21 actual boons + 2 power scrolls.

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