[Not a bug] Lousy Xbox Gnome weekend Aug-14-2020

Lousy Xbox Gnome weekend Aug-14-2020

In part I blame the stupid sharks, regardless of @Kafka official confirmation that they do not reduce gnome drops rates. Vault keys seem very rare even though I don’t recall seeing that in patch notes.

PS4/Switch/Mobile/Steam players, have you noticed anything?

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On my pc account , I’ve gotten 4 VKs on 16 gnomes (2 were in the AB). On my xbox 4 VKs on 41 gnomes (all cPVP). I’m not a big gnome weekend player.and this is my 1st time doing any amount since the December 2019 vault event.

All this said, I can’t say these numbers are good or not, but in comparison, one would think I’m having better luck on the PC.