[Not a bug] Is this that necessary just a necessity

iphone7 stability versioned.

noticed, after the Heros’ troop was spamming back-to-back green gems the images were flipped between card reveal & actual cast activation ready card reveal.

VEЯY frequent. as soon as i noticed a specific character was intentionally being “spammed” its’ gems towards fast full mana generated.
it happens often during PvP and certain “faction modes”.

Steps to make it happen again
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Isn’t this normal?

I know the troops are mirrored when NOT full. It would make sense when they are full, as well.

I’ll have to check, but that’s my first thought. :slight_smile:

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ah, oka!!! thank you very much. :innocent:

Yeah, perfectly normal. It’s just that the spell artwork isn’t as obviously “facing” a left or right direction the same way the Troop’s normal card art is.

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