[NOT A BUG] Hex Rat's damage is wrong

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here is the spell:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I casted Hex Rat’s spell on Crazed Troll which was cursed and I expected that all enemies below the targeted enemy also suffer the double damage but the spell did the normal amount. It always does the regular damage to other enemies regardless they are cursed or not.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Tested it only in explore

Steps to make it happen again
Make a team with a cursing troop and Hex Rat, cast Rat’s spell on a cursed enemy which is not the last.

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It’s poorly worded, but it’s not a bug. The text says if the “Enemy” is cursed, referencing the Enemy you targeted. The “all Enemies below them” part is separate – they always take normal damage. It could be reworded to say “If the Enemy is Cursed, deal double damage and Death Mark that Enemy.” But what it doesn’t say, and why it isn’t a bug, is “If the Enemy is Cursed, deal double damage to all enemies and Death Mark them.”


Hello everyone,
As igniteice said this is isn’t a bug as the Hex Rat’s spell is working as intended. I can see though how the wording can make it seem that the double damage should effect the other troops also.

I’ll bring this feedback to the Dev Team, thanks for brining it to our attention :slight_smile:
OminousGMan - Team Support Human



“… If the Enemy is Cursed, Death Mark and deal double damage to that Enemy.”

would work/sound nice and fit (adds two words).

I think ‘double damage’ really needs the ‘to’ to avoid confusion and being treated as a blanket effect, which then sounds nicer coming after the ‘Death Mark’ part.

You could possibly get away with just “… to them” with that change, but “… to that Enemy” leaves no doubt. Adding “… If the chosen Enemy…” could be an alternative there, or otherwise just add clarity – but I guess probably unnecessary, depending, and an extra word.

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This sounds the same as what is in game currently imo. I read “to them” as singular, so that vs “to that enemy” isn’t different. I like the idea of stating “to the chosen enemy”.

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Fair – the game doesn’t currently have either, though, just ‘them’ (with the swapped word order)! I do think the ‘to’ is very important.

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