[Not a bug] 2 nd Trophies list on Playstation

On Playstation appears a second list called The Underspire Update

This is not a bug. I believe they hit the maximum number of trophies allowed for a single list (120), so they added a second list to continue adding trophies.

If i press the PS button and go to Track your Progess, it shows me 50% but i miss the other Remaining Trophies of the Game. There are 2 times Gems of War, and just the last 4 new trophies.

Both of your lists only have the 4 new trophies? That doesn’t sound right.
I still have my main list of 120 trophies.
(I deleted the second list and deleted the game, so I can’t check that)
Can you screenshot the trophy lists?

One List 4 Trophies , the main list 120

Oh ok, yes that is how it’s supposed to be.
The second trophy list kind of acts like a separate game.