Next Big Step....REAL Online Pvs.P


It’s coming soon so folks, get ready! I’ll probably be on this game non-stop! LOL

LOL If the (unpromised, unconfirmed) "REAL" Pvs.P Finally Gets In LOL
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There’s no way. Real-time PVP would be a disaster.


You’re just going to repeat your previous thread about this.


Not gonna happen…


Although we’re going to be investigating the possibility of live PvP early next year, we definitely don’t have anything to announce yet.

Live Fight btw Players

That means:



I fail to see how real-time PVP would improve the game at all. It would just make it more expensive to produce and more susceptible to performance issues.

Improved AI would be far easier, less resource-intensive, and just as effective in improving the experience.


Its all about giving little extra rewards for CPU starting out first :smiley: :wink:
If it ever come remember not let the CPU go first whenever you are up against
Mercy teams…Manticore etc…


Ooooh, smart mouth.


Take your time. IF your going to implement “true online PvP” functionality. it needs to be tested, tested, tested. With emphasis on preventing exploiters, griefers , glitchers, DDOS’ers, etc.


Spend time improving the AI instead.


I agree with this (buff the AI). I feel like the benefit you’d get of “real” PVP is mainly solvable by increasing the UI lookahead simulation (detecting whether or not a 4-match will cascade given what I know about the board right now, for example, and being more intelligent about spell usage). It’s a hard problem, to be sure, but not as hard as dealing with a whole new real-time PvP mode.

Consider the case of gem removers. The outcome of removing gems (all of a color, say) is deterministic, but it’s frankly quite hard to visualize, and so most of us prefer converters, where it’s easier to see what will happen. The AI could easily see if removers will generate a 4-match, or even if removers will generate a 3-match that then cascades into a 4-match, etc. It wouldn’t be cheating per se, more like counting cards at a casino.

I don’t think it’d take too much effort to make the AI wicked smart. (With an off switch, of course.) The downside is that people would gripe even more about AI “cheating,” when at that point it’s simply able to analyze the board better than a player might.


I feel like we all had this discussion before, didn’t we? +10




What if you could select the AI, like you can with difficulty? Obviously the harder the AI the bigger reward.

Level 1. Boring simple PC AI
Level 2. Unpredictable Console AI, some players believe that it knows what Gems will drop, will mana deny over Skulls, etc (read the threads)
Level 3. Advanced AI. simple algorithm rules. i.e. Spark Grinders priority to cast on Constructs… (new)
Level 4. Super computer (new)


That would be the end of pvp for me. I’ve played rt pvp in other games. You get players that don’t make moves and you sit and wait and wait. The thread listed other issues so I don’t need to repeat them all. If you’re going to have that type of server drain please add a mode and not do away from the one we have.


I agree, I wouldn’t play real-time PvP. It’s just not compatible with my play style.

Luckily, @Sirrian has already indicated it wouldn’t be a replacement for the existing PvP:


That’s a relief. Thanks Lyya


Players not making moves is a huge issue. Imagine how many battles could be won from people just giving up. I’m sure maybe they could implement something. Another issue is what kind of impact will it have on our nice community as a whole. Real time pvp brings out the worst in people. I don’t think the benefits outweigh the problems personally, but if they can make it work it will make a good bit of people happy.