New Recruitment Parameters

Due to the reprehensible delay of an Orc Hero Class until 2020, Chunky’s Raiders has declared a War of Guilds upon 505 and all of its allies. During these hostilities, we have suspended the recruitment of all Elves, Fey, and Users of Blue Mana.

To join in the fight for…well, since when have Orcs needed a reason to fight? Message Kirk Monkey or Chunky mono for guild invite. Orcses is da best.


We came in 2nd in Bracket 88, but have since won brackets 84, 76, and 59. No doubt we’ll be in top 10 brackets by the time the Orc Hero is unleashed, so Elves and Fey are welcome to check back then.

Users of Blue mana aren’t to be taken seriously. If they were, Gandalf would not have forgotten their names so easily. However, even they might be welcome. Until then, For the Horde.

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We are currently winning in Bracket 47, tho Grandmasters, the B55 winner last wars is giving us our first competitive battle since B88.

Non GW events are optional, as are gold donations. While we’ve been top 50 guilds in Tower of Dooms, we don’t yet finish Invasions or Raids.

Join us as we celebrate (perhaps prematurely) another GW victory. Punch and pie will be served. Please RSVP to Gamertag “chunky mono”. For the Horde

Correction: Grandmasters won B 56 last time, while we won B 59.

Meanwhile, B 61 winner passed us both to B 46, yet 8 hrs in to day 2 their guild score is only 50k. Maybe they all play the weekend. Maybe last Wars was their last effort before leaving to play Gears. Maybe Bracket seeding makes no sense. All the more reasons to join da Raiders and let loose the Horde.

Punch and pie.

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We won again, naturally. Orces are da best. Day 1 had us battle a 13 member guild with 1 active warrior. Day 3 thru 6 guilds had 7 total members.

Is this it, 505? Is this all your blue mana can summons? Chunky laughs at your feeble attempts, laughs from his mountain of dead guilds defeated.

Warriors, join da Horde today, or be crushed by it. Punch and pie.

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Good luck guys.
The top post made my day. :star_struck:


Well, it’s that time of the month again: the War Wolves are howling, as Orc Raiders are descending upon Krystara, fueled by their hatred at the lack of a hero class.

After winning Bracket 47, we moved up only 8 spots to B39. The previous GW, the B47 winner advanced all the way to B30. Obviously their warriors are more skilled than ours. Still, I haven’t been this disappointed in the results of a game since the Eagles/Cowboys game yesterday…

We are facing the B51 & B42 winners, and the B40 runner up, although whether the seeding actually has us battle is always in question. We added 3 new Goblin Skirmishers to our lineup, and I’m confident they will strengthen our formidable lines of shamans, veterans, and summoners. And if they don’t (gobbos are unreliable on occasion), we’ll have a few openings on Sunday.

To join us for punch and pie, send a message to Chunky mono. Rank 266 in trophies and slowly climbing. Top 50 in Dooms. Endeavour to persevere. Chunky’s Raiders, For the Horde.

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Chunky’s Raiders, b39 winners, has 1 open spot. Apply today. :blush:

1,313,477 points. 29/30 participants, total of only 33 unfought battles. 56,004 points to regain Paragon after many months of losing to my brother and his boyz.

Yellow and Brown day 44% bonus, Green/Purple 45%, Red 47% and Blue 50%. Our scores will continue to rise until we find suitable opponents. Runner up finished with under 600k points. Allegedly. (I went to bed after kicking the non-participant one hour before reset) I doubt they’ll outjump us again anytime soon.

Now 263 in trophy count. Non GW events optional.

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