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Have you fed your Pet today?

Have you fed your Pet today? I wish I could, but I cannot. I am currently facing a pet food shortage that now threatens all colors.

Technically speaking, I could feed Sir Ted to Legendary. But why on Krystara would I do that, when Puddling needs food badly?

I was Angry two days ago. But now that the food shortage threatens my favorite pet, I am now fully ENRAGED. :rage:

For those unfamiliar with fully Enraged Orcs, know this: We cannot be reasoned, or bargained with; We do not show pity, or remorse, or fear; and we absolutely will not stop, until our Puddlings are fed.

Guild Wars returns to XBox in 5 days. The Horde is on the march, and Orc Raiding parties are not to be taken lightly. To join the Raiders, check out our recruitment thread here:

Have you fed your Pet today? Perhaps you will feed mine soon. For the Horde. :axe::rage::shield:


We have a suspect with probable cause:

Elf shot the food.


Thank you so much, I needed a good laugh. No doubt he was a Blue Elf as well. :joy:

I was always Red Warrior, of course. Nooo

Welp, either the frozen kittens herded my call, or the frozen mittens heard it. Idk, “Queen” Mab makes about as much sense as my ex-wife, although I never really paid attention to either of them.

Scavenge for Food in AB today, plus all the Deeds in rent days? Well played, Rngeesus. Much obliged.

The food situation is Grosh-Nak has improved slightly since March. Thankfully, Puddling has been fed and is now Mythic.

Hungry Pets 2020-05-16

But with the introduction of Pets to the daily deals, I fear the shortages will only get worse. I’ve been offered Mini-Mimic twice (1 and 3 copies), Manticub once for 1, and Shymera four times (1,1, 3, and 1). I haven’t been keeping track of the food included, but I do recall getting 10 foods with the 3 copy purchase of Shymera. Perhaps by the time I get 6 more Shymera, that will be enough to cover its Upgrade, but I doubt it.

And I suspect more sinister forces are at work. If you will notice, in the chart below, I am blocked from upgrading Blackhawk and Pridelands even if the pets were Mythic.

I do not have Capt Macaw, and Charlotte is still Legendary in Blackhawk, and would need both at Mythic before upgrading kingdom. I could use an Orb to ascend either Kartek or Night-Slayer, or pull a Umenath, to fulfill the requirement for Pridelands. But if you will notice, Grosh-Nak is already primed and ready for upgrade, needing only a Mythic Ogrikin or Weenie Wyvern.

Why haven’t I been offered those? Because I’m Orc…

For the Horde. :axe::rage::shield:


I fed my Guppy today. Thanks Vault Event!

Sir Botlet continues to elude me. Doesn’t want pet food I guess. I tried to bribe it with this shiny thing called Gems but it doesn’t want it and won’t show up.

On a real note, the Vault event should be the normal rate pet gnomes show up if they aren’t going to do anything about helping people find a specific pet. There’s just too many pets now to level them up from random searches and people can’t throw gems at the pets if they can’t find them in the first place. lose lose situation.


The daily deals really fail by not offering cosmetic pets. I can kind of understand why they do not offer Underworld pets though.

I’m pretty sure some would be willing to spend gems on them since they will never appear again now it seems.

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We have one old cosmetic Saturday coming up. That’s not saying much though.

Pet Rescue Saturday, May 23, 2020 [Lil’ Freedom]

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Ah right thanks, I overlooked that.
Is from one of the non-Krystaran ‘kingdoms’ so useless apart from completionism.

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I got offer for 1 Billy Kid yesterday and 1 Rocki today. They are now both 4 away from Mythic, while Mini Mimic and Shymera are 6. No idea if that will determine which pets I get offered next. Doubt it.

Pet food in the AB tasks today. :hamburger:

My Alt got an offer for (Edit) Anu medal, but he’s no VIP. Thanks to all who are tho. gl hf

If I could share some of my food with you, I would…


For me it’s not the surplus of pet food, it’s the lack of pets. I have 29 pets sitting at level 5! Argh! But with every new pet, the chances of getting a pet you need when a pet gnome shows up dwindles…


did you really? what’s it look like?


My bad, it was Anu Medal…I don’t have either, so I got confused. Sorry.

I stoopid at times.

aww. its okay. I was hoping they snuck a Nysha medal into daily offers. Maybe your orc scout was feeding you the wrong info :octopus:


In my defense, the tokens both have a lot of orange in them, and since i don’t have badges of either…I saw orange and a letter N, and thought Nysha. Or A nu sho would be nice to have. Not really sure if i even thought at all.

Someday, Nysha, I will find you. And get a screenshot.