New Pet - Tailchaser

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New Pet: Tailchaser A new pet has been released, Tailchaser. You can get Tailchaser from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs. Please note that Tailchaser is a special event pet.


Hi Salty, is there a reason why Switch is getting the same pet as the other platforms this time? Just curious :laughing:

When we can we like to release the exclusive event pets across all platforms at the same time. <3

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Time to retire Ninja Cat. Looks like I came back to the game at the right time.


Is Ninja Cat or Dragonpuppy ever going to be available in the game again?
Only two pets I’m missing.
Please don’t respond with sarcasm.

Isn’t there a Saturday pet rescue day for cosmetic pets?

@Maxx, are you serious about a cosmetic pet weekend?
Or are you just spreading rumours?

Serious but I just came back to the game after a 9 month break so I’m not sure if anything has changed with them.

Pet Rescue Saturday. It has happened very few times in the past, for cosmetic pets and buff pets. Reception was very negative, due to disabling all regular pet rescues for a whole day. The community request to allow regular pet rescues and event pet rescues in parallel has been ignored so far.


Since Pridelands powerlevel is blocked by this cosmetic pet; will it show up in daily offers?

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I think it will only offer you pets that show up in regular pet rescues.

Well for me, Darkstone is blocked cause I don’t have 3 pets, Ninja Cat being one of them.
Back in June Sharki was re-released from last year. I picked him up on a Saturday release.
I just had a bad year last year.
So could a Dev PLEASE give me a reply to my question.
Thanks in advance

I hope that Saturday’s cosmetic pets will be continued, because I still miss a few…

and pets for International Cat Day are the best! :smiley_cat:

They could at least put one Ninja Cat in that Flash sale today.

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That feels like a pretty good idea. Why not sell old cosmetic pets on a regular base? Something like a weekly offer in the shop, or a flash sale each Sunday? Not a $50 bundle, just some single-buy item that costs at most $1. I’m sure that would make a lot of collectors happy.

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I suspect if they made pets available to buy at $1 a pop, they would make a pretty penny.

Not suggesting it’s a good idea, just airing a thought.