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New Pet - Shrunken Head

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/new-pet-shrunken-head/

New Pet: Shrunken Head A new pet has been released, Shrunken Head. You can get your Shrunken Head from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs. Shrunken Head will also start appearing as a potential Pet Rescue from Pet Gnomes.

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How is this a pet? :cold_sweat:

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have you seen Ilithia Faction Pet ? How THAT could be a pet…

It’s actually a piñata that was supposed to be part of last years special birthday event. Unfortunately, the whole birthday celebration got cancelled due to budget constraints, they just couldn’t afford it along with Christmas. The piñata didn’t really age well, possibly because cooling doesn’t come cheap either, so it’s now getting repurposed as Darkstone pet. Word of warning, don’t try to smash it, the treats inside aren’t exactly in a mint condition either.


i am just like… this is the 5-6th years of the game and only now that we have a Human boost pet?

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They had first to ensure with legal that releasing human pets wouldn’t expose them to be sued for slavery


Pets were introduced in 2018, so, not as long as the Wargare have had to wait for a character Class.

Nasty Humans don’t need additional stats. Tricksy and False they are.

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Don’t forget Elementals and Constructs too!


Its a tasteless pet thematically and artistically. The pet themes are light and likeable; please keep them this way. Probably too late to remove this one , but it never should have passed someone in authority with an ounce of human dignity.

I got to the 4th battle and that was it. Not sure how anyone is able to get past level 30 troops with fully traited lv 20 troops.

It’s pretty doable even at not so high lvl accounts -> lvl 170 character is doing all pet event battles (lvl 80) with a good team composition…
higher leveled accounts have lots of stats bonuses from their kingdom levels and power levels (and a much bigger troops collection)

I’m at level 170. 2 full traited mythics and 2 full traited epics. Able to use all colors and have bonuses applied from kingdoms and troop and guilds.

Sent you a Message with 2 teams that are capable of clearing all pet rescue battles.

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This was a creepy pet. But heck we have Ork kingdom and other evil ones too. I dont think it is totally off after thinking a tiny of it.